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The Pokémon Sleep Thread!

Sep 10, 2019
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I noticed that we actually didn't have a space for discussion of Pokémon Sleep as a whole yet, so I figured that I'd make a thread for it!

As for my first impressions: Sleep honestly makes sleeping kind of exciting for me LOL. Maybe that's just because I was pretty excited to use it, but it's been really nice so far honestly — I love the sleep tracking it does and being able to see how I sleep (in my three days of using it I was a Slumbering-type twice).

As a whole the game is really cute — everything from the background music to the sprites of all the Pokémon is cute, and it's very mellow, perfect for sleeping to?

My only gripe so far is battery stuff — I have charging outlets in my room, but they're a little far from my bed, so I tend to lose about 30~40% of my phone's battery as I sleep, which is a little annoying. I guess I need to find an extension cord somewhere, but it's still a little strange that that much power is taken up even though the screen is darkened... sighs

But I've been having lots of fun with Sleep, and I'm wanting to see if others are too! Feel free to post your sleep charts and graphs and such too, it's been really interesting seeing others' graphs!

(...Including my subway master of an older sister who somehow consistently flatlines(???) at Slumbering, and goes to Snoozing like twice LOL. It's pretty impressive and I love it ahahaha..)
I did post my first day impressions here : Pokemon Sleep Didn't Work For Me (& Might Not For You)

Second day went a bit better, I actually had more hours, battery did not drain below the power capacity so I actually had 100% upon waking up instead of 85, got some more variety with Houndour and Bellsprout, the actions felt less tedious without the tutorial, and I absolutely hope next week I will unlock a more unique biome than Greengrass Isle.
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My hubris...

On my first night sleeping with the Pokéball Plus +, I found a Ditto!!! OMFG..


I was SUPER excited because like... IDK, it felt rare right? I had never seen one before at least.

So I look at the food meter above its head, and I think, 'wow . that is a very hungry ditto .' (It was like twenty individual bars?)

So me being me, I give it a biscuit to see if it was an auto-catch because I remember hearing that some Pokémon were auto-catches. That was not the case, LOL.. (I think it might only apply to shinies, actually?)

So I decided to try giving it one more biscuit just in case, figured that that probably wouldn't help anymore, and decided to just buy a Master Biscuit in order to cut my losses and get it once and for all. I had 10,000 Sleep Points saved up, and the Master Biscuit was 4,000 but... at the time I thought it was worth it.

I was wrong.

Because, you see...


The Ditto was full!!:confused:

At that moment, I was like _(._.)_. Completely defeated LMAO.

So moral of the story here!! Be careful about how much you give your (prospective) Pokémon, I guess??
The Hungry on shinies is different, a single Poke Biscuit is indeed auto catch. The regular Hungry has a chance to auto catch, but if this fails, it just gives 3x the regular points of the Biscuit you used.
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