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The Shadow Realm's Compost Pile


It's too cold for you here!
Aug 2, 2023
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hello hello hi hi hi... i have made my own art thread after some deliberation and god i shouldnt have done this my art sucks actually!!
but whatever maybe posting it here will give me an incentive to improve!! because i like drawing even if i'm bad at it
i have more stuff i can put up here sometime but i just have this one thing that is also three:


just, like... ignore how grainy it is and that it's on the back of a yahtzee sheet of all things, i promise i'll get better pictures of them like tonight or something (both the group shot and individually if i can)
and yeah, from top to bottom they're silver, n, and guzma. i really really love them. so that's why i drew them. i guess
i know i'm bad at this please be nice-
Hey, when you gotta draw, you gotta draw, and sometimes what's available is the back of a yahtzee sheet.

These are nice! I'm impressed how clean your lines are (my sketch lines are, uh, not). I've noticed artists tend to think the worst of their own work, probably because they can see in their head how it's "supposed" to look. Usually when I get up the nerve to show my work, other people think much more highly of it than I do...and I tend not to see nearly as many flaws in artist friends' drawings as they do. And even to the extent something is legitimately bad, you can only improve by continuing to practice. It's cliché art advice, but it gets repeated a lot because it's true. Keep up the good work!
I’ll be nice, haha… this reminds me of the scribbles that I used to make back when I was in school. Yours are actually quite a bit nicer than what I came up with, and I was pretty proud of what I did; you should be, too. Keep practicing and you’ll do even greater things one day, I bet!
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im back with new trash
these were all <10 minute attempts so they look awful sorry, i just wanted to post something
ive been working on a bigger piece recently, i want to post it over the weekend i swear its a lot better than these
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