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Things in Scarlet and Violet you were pleasantly surprised by?

Teal mask is the most elaborate teaser ever, and that's a good thing.

Every element seems made to prepare players for the GEN V remakes.
In the Teal Mask, Kieran is a timid kid who wants to prove himself and become strong and independent like Ogrepon. He thinks people around him underestimate what he's capable of, especially his sister.

In the Indigo Disc, Kieran is obsessed with training his Pokemon and suddenly becomes the revered and fearless Pokemon league champion at his school and he starts bossing his underlings around and bullying club members. He seems to have a bit of a "tough guy" attitude and scares his sister.

Kieran fulfilled his dream it seems!!
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I really enjoyed the DLC and it really helped make my christmas!
A few of my thoughts after finishing the DLC:

BBQs (Blueberry Quests) are rewarding and bp is worth grinding.
Kieran's unique character development makes him my fav frenemy
Woah I get to call my favorite gym leader over to the academy as a "special coach"? Iono hi!
Woo box legendary gets a nice upgrade!
Returning to Area Zero for the 'hidden treasure' was fun!
The stellar tera type is AMAZING WTF
The Terapogos battle is surprisingly HARD???
Using Terapogos online makes me feel awesome c:

Now there's just lots of rare pokemon I need to catch and I should start filling my dex again.
Great DLC and I don't think I'll get bored of Violet for a while, especially if my friends keep playing. c:
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The mystery gift music, my favorite version of it in the entire series.
Despite stuff like IndDisk’s mediocre plot and not patching up the glitches, I’m glad the SV DLC turned out somewhat well altogether. Because I wasn’t a huge fan of the previous generation’s DLC and my biggest hope beforehand was for this to just not be the same thing as that, and thankfully that was the case and more.
After finishing the dlc last month and thinking about it a bit more, I do appreciate the character relationships in this game. Past games have had some pretty nice character relationships. However, this game's relationships take the care. I do think that the Mochi Mayhem wasted some opportunities with some characters; however, overall Scarlet/Violet had some great character relationships between the humans.
The DLC was pretty good! The story of Teal Mask was really well-told, and Indigo Disk followed up on it rather nicely.
I also very much appreciated the effort put in to making the DLC more involved with more developed strategies. After the absolute breeze of battles in the main game, Carmine and Kieran's battles, and pretty much everybody at Blueberry, are an extremely welcome increase in difficulty.
In indigo Disk, I wasn't expecting much callback to gen v aside from the initial confirmation of Blueberry Academy being in Unova, but they went absolutely ham with the callbacks and references to it in Indigo Disk and it really got me giddy as someone who first started with gen v. The euphoria I felt hearing the remixes of the Unova battle themes was something else.

They've rarely done past regional callbacks like this in other games post-GS, so it was fun to see em go a bit crazy with it here. Is it nostalgia bait-y? A bit yeah. Was it nostalgia bait got me hook line and sinker? Oh you betcha
If I remember correctly, in the base game you can get all trade Pokémon in single player (this includes palafin) via Tera raids
which is nice if you can get it
The old Legendary Pokémon being regular encounters since they typically use different dimensions or something else entirely in lot of the games since ORAS.

Unova getting a big focus in DLC2. I think it’s the first time since the Gen 2 remakes where you can visit an older region.
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