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Tinkatink and Her Special Hammer - Pokémon Horizons Episode 39 Review - A Rare Dot Focused Episode

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A collage of screenshots from this episode, showing Dot emerging from her Nidothing costume as her computer burns up; Tinkatink holding Dot's old mic; Orthworm attacking Tinkatink; and Dot holding Tinkatink
Like I mentioned back in my Episode 37 review, I think it's good when episodes focus on just the kids without adult interference. This week's episode of Pokémon Horizons is no exception. Not only is this is a really good episode, it also focuses on Dot! Dot episodes have been rare, so it’s best to savor this one as much as possible!

Why this is such a good episode is because Dot is seen out of her comfort zone. She’s out of her room for practically the entire episode, after her mic broke. She can’t do Nidothing stuff if she has no mic, so off she goes to buy a new one! This results in her spending time outside with Liko and Roy, and eventually befriending the Pokémon of the day, Tinkatink. The kids go to a little street where specialty shops are located. There, Dot sees a very old mic, which she decides to use it as a prop for her next video. Tinkatink, who got kicked out of a factory after attempting to steal iron for her hammer, got an interest in the old mic. I was actually glad she chose to use the old mic and not the new mic Dot bought. If a Tinkatink decided to get interested in a new high quality expensive microphone that I bought with my own money, I’d be sending her to a Corviknight’s nest. Be glad the writers made it the old mic and not the new one. I also liked seeing Murdock acting as a doting uncle towards Dot. He was worried about her going out to shop and gave her a big hug when she returned safely, but also held back from interfering while she was in battle. It shows that Murdock knows when to hold back when necessary, and I really like that about him!

Orthworm all tied up
Tinkatink was super cute. She's a very timid Pokémon who loves making hammers, but cries easily. Given that Dot is also rather timid when it comes to socializing, I think they fit each other veru well. The fact that she developed an attachment to Dot, and even climbed aboard the airship like how Roy did back in Episode 5, showed the dedication she has to showing off her creation to her. However, I do wonder what happened to her old hammer. She had it in one scene, but it’s gone by the time she climbed aboard the ship. Tinkatink’s also a competent battler, as she showed when she smacked the heck out of Orthworm when she retrieved her hammer. The ending segment was so emotional. Dot wasn’t sure what to do in these scenarios since she's never experienced it before, but Tinkatink was the first time she felt a connection with another Pokémon, which is why she wanted her to come along.

Orthworm was a rather interesting Pokémon. It’s silly looking, and it uses that to its advantage when in battle. It’s also a menace as it ate Orla's newly bought iron. Man, I felt so bad for her because those weren’t cheap. Dot winning a battle against the Orthworm by pure strategy and no adult interference was a sight to behold. I just hope the writers make an attempt to let go of the training wheels for the kids now that they've shown them to be able to handle themselves in battle in these recent episodes.

I really liked this episode. I can’t wait to see what Tinkatink has in store for Dot’s potential. Do you think Dot will get another focus episode soon or will this be the last for a while? Do you think this was a good episode?


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