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TEEN: Trouble in Laverre [TEENS AND ADULTS ONLY]


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Aug 22, 2015
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In this fan fiction, Savio looks for his brother Tsuki. His rival "unofficially" is Bonnie.

Chapter 1

WARNING: Dumb sex jokes ahead.

Savio is 21. Tsuki is 15.

Savio Tsuki

This was something I worked on and then quit. I was on the pokemopolis forums, back when I was still there, and while reading something, I had an idea that if Pokemon always tries to copy Harley for future rivals, why not another one? This was supposed to be a parody of that.

Training. Talk about training.

Pikachu jumps on Ash's shoulder. They leave.

Then our heroes are walking through the forest. Soon they hear someone huffing and puffing, then they see a large man running through the forest. He stops, with wide eyes and a gaping mouth on his face, like he was surprised or scared of something, while still breathing heavily. Between his huffs he says "Excuse me huff c- huff can you huff huff show me wher- huff where the city… huff Laverre City is huff...?"

"Well," Clemont speaks up "I believe it's 2 miles that way," he points to the left, 2 o'clock direction "then a half mile right."

"Thanks!" he says, then notice Bonnie and stares at her with an angry eyes face, crinkled forehead and such, but still putting his attention on the others.

"We could go with you if you like. What do you guys think? We are heading the same place."

"Sure." says Serena.

"I'd be fine with it." said Ash.

Bonnie whispered "I don't know..." she was wary of him after he gave her that look.

The man shook his head "I'm afraid I can't. I have a very important job to do and I can't-"

"De-denne?" said Dedenne, as it poked its head out of Bonnie's small clutch bag. It stared at the man with an innocent, naïve smile.

"...Is that a Pokémon?" said the man, with a slightly anger mixed with an anxious tone.

"Yes." said Bonnie.

The man reached for a pokéball. "I'd really like to have a battle with you! Please? I have a Bagon that needs the training!" he said, suddenly uncharacteristically cheerful.

"Well... I guess so..."

"Bonnie!" Clemont interrupts "You're not a trainer yet, you don't even know how to battle with Dedenne! And you don't even know this man!"

"..." The man stayed silent.

"Oh hush, Clemont, he challenged me! I need to make good on my honor, don't I?"

"But you can't..."

But Bonnie wouldn't listen to him. "Ready to battle Dedenne?" she said, as she let the mini electric mouse out of its pouch. It hopped out.

"Dedenne!" said Dedenne, making a boasting call.

"But Bonnie we're out in the middle of nowhere and you still don't know-"

While he was talking, the man stepped back and got ready for battle. "Alright!" said the man "Come on out, Bagon!"

And out came a small Bagon. "Bagon!" it cried, itself making a self-boasting call.

"Bagon, Rage!" Bagon tackles the Pokémon with its head. It hit. "Now, use ember!" It shoots embers.

"Why didn't she dodge?" Ash spoke absentmindedly.

"She is only a child. Let her be." said Serena, who took the comment seriously.

"Dedenne, are you okay?!"

"De-den!" it shouted triumphantly.

"Okay, then use thundershock!"

"Dedendenden..." it said as shocks flew from its body to the opponent Pokemon.

"Bagon?! Can you make it out of that?!"

It couldn't, but the small rodents body couldn't release the electricity any longer, leaving Bagon to regain its mobility again.

The man took the chance "Alright, rage!" It tackled again.

"Dodge Dedenne!"

"De-den!" it jumped in the air.

"Now thundershock again!"

The Pokémon shocked the Bagon. It couldn't move again, and this time it fainted.

"How... how could you have such a powerful move like that?" the man couldn't believe it. He returned the small Pokémon to its ball."

"See, Clemont? I didn't do bad! I won my first battle!" said Bonnie, proud of herself."

"Perhaps." he said, and moved back to the man "Sir, is that you're first Pokémon?"


"Ah, that explains it. It owned moves that a young hatchling would normally have."

"Well... I have only just started... my brother is better at this stuff than me... Speaking of which, I think I'll take your offer on going with you guys. Because... I don't have a good sense of direction..."

"I'm Clemont."

"My name's Serena."

"I'm Bonnie."



"Oh, Dedenne, you should go back in your pack." she said, picking the small mouse up and putting it back.

"We should get that up at the Pokémon Center." said Clemont.

"Right," said Savio. "My Bagon could use a rest too." which was an understatement because his Bagon was fainted.

And so they went to Laverre City.

Pokémon Character Idea. I'll just call him Frank for now. (Savio. His brother was named Tsuki or something.)

Okay, since Harley has been such a big hit in Japan and globally, Pokémon has been constantly trying to make copies of him to milk off that popularity, such as Conway, Ursula, and Burgundy. But none of them have yet met his popularity or his top-notch personality. What we need is someone who exaggerates his stereotypical qualities while adding a few quirks of his own.

What we need is a man who has black, long hair, is 6' 9" (180.34 cm) tall, with the build/width of… uh…


Drake. He must wear men's casual or some other casual clothing. He speaks with masculine pronouns but also with a high-pitched whiny voice. He occasionally pretends to be different characters, like how Joey from Full House or Team Rocket do, but his acts only vaguely match the situation or not at all. And he sometimes dances like Michael Jackson. (Or, if you are serious about making him evil, downplay the flamboyance and dancing.)

His rival is Bonnie. In his debut episode, he comes across the twerps in an open field. He says hello only to see Bonnie. He quips about how some girl like her pushed him down at school (on accident). He would have just left, angry at her sight, but then Dedenne comes out of her pack. He sees it and then challenges her to a battle. Clemont declines, but the other guy thinks it's because they're afraid of him. He pulls out a Pokémon and it turns out to be a Bagon, and a young one at that. Bonnie accepts his challenge, against what the others say, then gets ready to "defend her honor," looking like an anime action hero. After a (rather quick) battle, he loses. He starts to leave again, but then they find out that he has something to do with the plot of the episode, so he stays with them. At the end of the episode he runs off, saying "Bye Bonnie-boo!", even though he doesn't like her. Then he shows up again sometime when Ash is in the Kalos League. Unlike Harley, he only shows up for 2-3 episodes.

(I have to admit, I've been laughing the whole time I've been typing this.)

He is supposed to be as annoying as possible (but not too annoying, there's only so much I or others as well can take). He should have an IQ of less than Harley, and less than average too, let's see… maybe the same as when Ash grows up? Maybe not that stupid… unless Ash gains 50 IQ points between now and when he grows up... Let's just say that he's below average intelligence. Also I want his only driving force to be that he just hates Bonnie for the way she looks, but doesn't show it much and only battles her once or twice. I think it would be funny to see a tall man rival a 5 year-old girl. I was thinking he might have some angst over his Bagon too, that he's a new trainer wanting his Bagon to be stronger, and someday being a Salamence, but at this moment he's a grown man who lost to a 5 year old.

This was made mainly as a joke. I honestly don't want them to make a character like this as it would hinder their good writing and might stop them from having better ideas than that, unless of course they can't come up with anything better in which case they might as well.

The following is a what-if scenario: where Ash's Kalos gang runs into Team Rocket, and only the work of a professional Stylist and his brother can stop them. Some guy gets arrested, claiming he didn't do whatever it was. And then another guy gets arrested. And so on and so forth. The twerps... eh-hem, I mean Ash, Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie, find themselves in a forest. Then suddenly the police are involved. And then the heroes, or, rather just the dweebs that we watch every so often just to see if something new or original happens, run into a man (of about 15 years of age, casual clothing consisting of tee-shirt and hiking shorts, well-combed black hair, and violet eyes.) He is working on an important case of impersonations, and he really doesn't have the time to talk... unless they're willing to be volunteers? You know what's coming. Some time pasts and we meet a man who... who is strangely... well... have you ever heard of the Coordinator Harley? Think him, but slightly more masculine. And somewhat child-like, and instantly hates Bonnie. He only finds time to battle, after-which he has to hurry off and get to his brother to deliver an important document. The dweebs hear this, tell him of his brother, and he takes them on their invitation to go with them. The following, is described as Savio acting scenes that go nowhere and trying to act out characters that don't have anything to do with the plot, until finally they get a lead.
And that's the prologue for this fanfiction.
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Chapter 2

Ah, yes, so Savio was with the few twerps, wishing he were someplace else like having a piece of his bothers sweet ass ha-ha...I mean., uh... Team Rocket is someplace around here, right?

Indeed, they were, they were looking for scrap metal to power their latest creation, all they had was a washer, a dryer, and some delicates, and if only they could get a fridge...

"Jessie... Isn't it wrong to steal Pokemon... in broad daylight?" buegun James.

"Foo foo you. A true villain works under any social pressure!"

"Are you really sure?"

"Yes, hey, hey look! Look at this! A party for the same gender is being held at this address. Wouldn't that be fun to crash?"

"Oh, really? I guess so if you say so..."

"My feet hurt." complained a nearly out Ash Ketchum.

"Mine hurt too, if you get what I'm saying." said Savio.

"Just where is your friend working at?" said Clemont.

"Well, there should be a fliar about it somewhere around here. He told me he would put lots out by himself.

He searched for a few minutes.

"Oh look, here it is! Yes, my brother was holding a same gender party near here! Food and drink are sold separately."

"What?!" said Ash.

"Oh my stars. No, no, no, he's gay! Why would he be gay?" asked Clemont.

Savio looked strictly back and snarled.

"Well, uh, as my mom would say, it's their right to live and to choose and all that stuff."

"What do you mean, gay?"

"Oh my god, no, you shouldn't tell Bonnie what a gay person is!"

"Well, I think you misunderstood me, if it is a choice that means I chose it knowing what I was getting into, then that's okay for me to do. Love is love, you know."

"I'm sorry Savio, we mean no disrespect. Please forgive them." said Ash.


"Yeah, it's best if we went separate directions."

"Okay, I'll see to it that my brother gets the message."

During the time that they were talking, Team Rocket had officially stolen a hair dryer, a refrigerator, and one man's heart, and then left a single, blue rose behind.

"I think that was a successful evening, right James?"

"I never kiss and tell." proclaimed James.

"Why not, when I have pictures!" showing off the picture of James giving Tsuki a rose.

Savio approached Tsuki, arm in arm, wondering what happened, leaving a very confused Tsuki to wonder what just happened.

"What did they do to you?"

"I don't know. From one moment I was being soft talked, then the next they stole my hair dryer!"

"Don't worry, I'll call the police!"

They were at the Pokemon Center.

"Ash Ketchum, why would you say such things on that."


"Well, my mom believes it's a choice, and are therefore able to make their own decisions. I wouldn't try it myself, really."

Just then, Officer Jenny came through the doors. "Trainers! Evacuate in time! Psycopaths have stolen countless Pokemon and have a small fleet! Proceed with caution!"

"Woah, really?" said Ash.

"Oh my god, not again!" said Clemont.

"Okay, are you ready Pikachu?"


"Crooks! Heathans! Thieves!traitro" said Tsuki.

"What did I tell you, Jesse, my newest plan worked just like it should!" said James.

"See! I knew you just needed the pick me up!"

Tsuki had a level 45 Dragonite with him, but couldn't hold them back.

"Okesy, ferena, Ice Punch!"


It barely made a dent.

I think it's time, to clean up your act!

The machine gave a high powered ice spear to it, fainting it.

"Fereran, come back." said Tsuki. "We should head back."

"Right, you have a good point."
Chapter 3

Team Rocket followed Savio and Tsuki. Ash and the rest of the twerps arrived there in the nick of time.

"Ice Spear!"

"Take it, Hawlucha!"

"Hawluchaaaa-!" It took the hit fine.

"What the duece?" said James. "The twerps have appeared?"

"Just keep attacking! Ice Spear!

"There's no way they'll win! I've trained Hawlucha too much for this special occasion! Hawlucha, fire punch!"

"Hawlucha!" Hawlucha blocked with a fire punch, and landed the hit!

Their machine broke down!

"E-gads! That's all it could takes from a measly fire punch?!"

"Like hell! Zap it again with-"

"Pikachu, thunderbolt!"

"Pikachu!" Pikachu immediately zapped them all with thunderbolt.

"That's it, we're blasting off again!" said Team Rocket.

"There now let's get our fridge and hair dryer back!" said Tsuki. "And thank you-"

"Ash Ketchum."

"You're welcome! Anyways, we'll be heading off now. Savio, please get our things!"

"Already on it!" said Savio.

"Sounds great! So do you know where the Laverre City Gym is?" asked Ash.

"Oh. It's at the center of the city. We could show you if you like."

"Sound good!"
Chapter 4

Tsuki showed Ash the Laverre City Gym.

"And that's it! You know, if there's anything I could do for you, you could just ask."

"Thank you! This is going to be epic! Come on, Pikachu!"

"But I should warn you that the Gym Leader is an ice type. He's a little tough to handle. If you like, you can level up your Pokemon on th beach nearby. I could help you if you like-"

"Wow, this place is so cool!" Ash had already stepped in. Before he could step any further, he mslipped on a trap."

"don't you know where you're going?" )The young tainer spoke.

"Not really."

"Great. another failure. There's a teleporter back over there. You shoulud use it."

So Ash came back out, a little bruised.

"Yeah, that first step would do you in." said Tsuik.

"Yeah, pretty much." said Ash. "Let's go train together."

"I thought you'd never ask.~"
Chapter 5

The twerps went with Savio and Tsuki to the beach.

"So, do you prefer surfing or fishing?" said Tsuki.

"Oh, um, I don't have a Pokemon that can surf." said Ash.

"Oh, so you'll fish?"

"I don't have a fishing rod either."

"Oh. I guess I can let you borrow my Old Rod if you want."

"Sounds fair enough."

"Yes, I'll go fishing too." said Savio, taking out a Good Rod.

"Oh, he has a better rod?"

"Yeah, but I recommend you start small. You don't have any water Pokemon after all."

"Actually, I have a Frogedier. But that shouldn't know surf, right?"

"...I have the hm for surf if you need it."

"okay, I'kll take that."

"Ok... Come on Bonniie, you should fish with me." said Savio

"no thanks."

"Oh well, suit yourself!"

Later, Ash knocked out a few Pokemon with his Hawlucha, and Goomy, and Noibert.

Bonnie started to make a sand castle. Savio was watching attentively.

Wow. Is she really making a sand castle, with its own tunnel? How am I supposed to beat that? He thought.

Just then, Savio reeled in a Magikarp. He sent out his Bagon.

"Bagon, rage!"

"Bagon!" It used rage.

Magikarp used tackle.

"Alright, now that it's weaker, go, Pokeball!" He sent out an Ultra Ball.

After a few wiggles, it stopped. He caught a Magikarp.

Immediately he ran over to where Stiuk was. He started yelling. "Hey, Tsuki. Tstuki! I caught a Magikarp, finally!"

"Ok, I'll be right there." he said.

"See, Bonnie, I caught a Magikarp! Did you catch anything?"

"I don't really need to. I'm 5 years old."

"Huph! Fine, let good be good."
Chapter 2 1/2

"Oh my, I've finally made it home."

"Savio! I've been robbed! Some renegade group stole my refridgerator and my hair dryer. In "return" I aws given a peck on the cheek, and this blue rose here!"

"gas[! Who would have done somethine like this?!"

"There is someone called Team Rocket."

"Oh. At least I have an enemy. I can stop feeling about that one twerp..."

"Say what now?"

"A youngling called Bonnie."

"Oh, your obsession... right."


A long time ago, Savio was standing in line for lunch. Once the line moved, someone pushed him forward, a girl, and then he tried to rescue himself by taking his hand out, unknowneling hitting the girl in front of him. He then cried, but no one believed him. They thought he just slapped the girl in front of him.

"Stand back! I guess it's time to use my ultimate Pokemon, Bagon!"

"Not now! I'll just use my Dragonite."

"Oh. Okay."
Chapter 6

"Okay, I've caught a Tentacruel! It's time to take out that Fairy user!"

"Good enough. Savio, quit playing in the sand."

"But I'm almost done!"

"It's time to leave."

"Fine." He got up.

They all walked up to the Fairy Type Gym.

"Good luck, Ash." said Serena.

"Good." said Ash.

Ash came out with the gym badge. "I'm glad I finally found a way to beat him!"

"Neat up is your Polemon Showcase, right, Serena?" said Clemont.

"Tomorrow, yes."

"Gld to hesr it!" Said Ash.
Chapter 7

Ash, Clemont, Bonnie, and Serena are at the Pokemon Showcase.

"Ash, does my hair look good?"

"All the beetter, Serena!"

"Thsnks, but I found out this town has a famous Beauty Salon. You can pick out any color or style you want!"

"Oh, tht's fantstic!"

"Thank you!" she said, only to get bumped by none other than Savio.

"By Salon, you had better mean my brothre's!"

"Sure, I guess."

"Wait, his brother is..."

"Yeah, I forgot the name og the place was called Tduki's Salon." she looked st Savio.

"Can you escort me to your brothre;s place?"

"Well, certainly!" he said.

"Uh, Serens, let me come too!"

So they all left.

"You hsve a fabulous hair colour. Are yiu sure you wanrt me to change it?"

"Yes,. pink id fine."

That's fine."

"So Serena, you are doing a contest, right?"

"I am."

"Good, thst's good."

"Be careful, that's my girlfriend you're talking to!"

"Oh, no, I'd never cheat!"

"You can ssay my brother and I are closer than most."

"Wow, that's weird!"

"Aah! Incest! In this day and age?!"

"Well, not offivially. We've never like, done anything, honestly."

"that's so weird."

"I wish happiness for the both of you."

"Ew, Ash!"
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Chapter 8

The twerps go to Awryryry.

Savio was aon tdate with Tsuik.

"WQwo, that was soem tastay slaad!:"

"Yeah, you're right."

"Oh well, time to go pay- Agh!"

He fell bakward onto Serena.

"Oop, sorry."

"Thiats fine. I'm sorry you have to look like that."

"Watch it!-"

"Don't wry about it, Savio, just pay the bill, and get out!"


So they all leave, with Ash and Serena behind them.

"I'm sorry you had to look at me!"

"Yeah, I do!"

"Sereena, it's okay! It's okay!"

"Well, fine, we're just going to go train our Pokemon. Oh, and tell Bonnie I have a new Goomy."

"Good enough." said Serena.
Chapter 9

Later that day...
"Man, I can't find the Pokemon gym anywhere! Just a gay pride parade!" said Ash.

"What? It can't be. It certainly cannot be! We need to talk to the town's Mayor!" said Clemont. He ran out of the Pokemon Center in a huff.

"Can I come too?" said Bonnie.

"No. You stay here with serensa anc be a good girl!"

"oh. okay."

"it's okay, clemont you don't need to syop anytghing...!"


"Boy, this is the best fun I've ever had!" said Savio.

Just then, the police came with Clempn and Ash.

"Get out of the way! You are causing a disturbane of the peace!"

Ash took the megaphone. "I'm sorry, I'm just looking for ther gym leader. We're told he is here?"

"I'm not going!" crid Olympia. "It's my day off!"

"Fuck off!" cried Savio.

"it that your boyfriend?"

"Whst?" she shook her head. "I'm a lesbian."

"Ah. Sorry- We will nevre back dowm!- Yes we will, we're in the middle of sometrhing private."

"Ah! Fine, I'm going!" said Clemont.

So they left.
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