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EVERYONE: Two more SV drabbles

Blackjack Gabbiani

Back due to popular demand!
Jan 1, 2003
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Only vague spoilers this time. These were for prompts on the r/fanfiction discord, with the themes of "pickle" and "base"

Brown Things In A Jar:
Arven had shied away from making pickles. They took the whole day, he heard. But after his newfound devotion to cooking, his determination to become a famous chef, and his new circle of friends, he found that he wanted to share this passion with them.

Inviting them all to his cramped dorm room, however, seemed to be a mistake.

"Can we make onion pickles?" Nemona asked, already picking up a large onion from the sack on the floor.

"I think so," Penny answered as she brushed fur off her sleeve.

"Can we make them with brown sugar?"

Arven sighed witheringly.

A Treasure Untold:
They weren't supposed to be there. Nobody was. But the Academy's treasure hunt had left the two young students unsupervised, and there was only one place Sada and Turo knew their treasures would lie.

Area Zero, the most dangerous place in Paldea, was staggeringly, savagely, primally beautiful, and the two stood in wonder, arms around each other, as they took it all in.

The research station, set up by a prior expedition, made a perfect base for the students, but they were far too excited to sleep. The night was spent deep in conversation, and come morning, their first kiss.

(fun fact the brown sugar onion pickles thing is based on a true story)
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