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What are some pet peeves that you have?

my friend often brings those ready-to-assemble pizzas for lunch, the kind any reasonable person just eats cold, but she always microwaves them and the smell is just putrid... like salty, mouldy socks and vinegar combined. it's so nauseating I will leave the room to have lunch elsewhere.

I completely avoid the break room and eat at my desk at work because of this (but also I don't want to be around people lol). So many food smells make me feel sick.
Dog people

Y'all have probably seen them, I ain't talking about regular dog owners, but the people who make their dog(s) their entire goddamn personality. The ones who think their precious pooch should just be allowed everywhere and will just ignore signs saying 'NO PETS' or get offended when they're told they can't bring their dog. And they also just can't understand why someone wouldn't like dogs and constantly feel the need to put down people who prefer other animals, like cats. (Like I love cats and I actually have a bit of a phobia of some dogs, but you don't see me going around talking about how dogs are shit animals and why would anyone want to have them as a pet, but you'll see dog people doing this type of stuff all the goddamn time lol)
I hate it so much when I see a game on the eshop/steam/etc. and I want to know more about it, but none of the trailers show any actual gameplay (or very little), instead just cinematics that don't at all tell me what the game is like to play.

The gameplay is (typically) the thing I'm buying your product for; if I don't at the very least have a small idea what the gameplay is like; I can't be certain what your product is, so I won't buy it.
I hate it when titles to articles read like they are going to say something in the title, then when clicking to read the articles, there are so many nothing words before finally getting to the point of the article. Like really? Are you going to make me read so much nothing just for one simple answer? Worse yet is when the article itself buries the answer in a paragraph with nothing words just to make it that much harder to just get the answer and leave the page.
(I miss the ChatBoxes (plural because it was common on almost every forum) era, because sometimes I don't know where to put things where they would be fitting more. Is there at least a "Which part of the forum would my post fit the most?" thread?)

I hate "obviously evil" villains/"obvious jerkasses" characters. Or rather, its modern approach as the writers are pushing too much the fact that they're bad guys. And even if it's "for children" (thus implying that children need to be aware of who is the villain "because they wouldn't keep track on it, they're children after all")/"we're revisiting classics", it looks like it is only surface level as I don't remember "obviously evil" classic villains being like that.

Taking a story about an adult with a baby brain as "autistic representation" is extremely disgusting and ableist as it infantilizes autistic people. I wonder how actual diagnosed people recognize themselves in such a story.
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I completely avoid the break room and eat at my desk at work because of this (but also I don't want to be around people lol). So many food smells make me feel sick.
This is why I used to hate the lunch hall when I was at primary school, since they didn't have school dinners at the time and everyone had to bring in their own lunches. They always seemed to stink up the place and I've had this weird aversion to packed lunches ever since.

One pet peeve I have is when singers put too much emphasis on their accent when they sing and a lot of British artists do this, like Madness and Lily Allen. It really drives me nuts as it makes them sound so stereotypical.

I also can't stand the sound of people licking or smacking their lips, especially when it's done for comedic effect. It's just gross and creepy.
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When people fail to use their turn signals on the road. Drives me up the wall. Like, we're all sharing the road; we all need to have a sense of each other's intentions to be safe. It's not hard.

Also, shushing. Kinda triggering for me, so that's probably more than a pet peeve lol.
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