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What is the earliest memory you have?


Quaxly Boy
Jun 9, 2012
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So unlike the other threads for school memories, let's go somewhat further back. What is the first thing you remember of yourself?

For me it would be like October 2000, a bit more than 3 years old, grandma and I would pick up flowers and bring them to grandpa's bed. Apparently this was something we were doing for several days, but I only remember it all as if it happened once.
It's really fuzzy, but I think it was when I was around 3 years old, I vaguely remember walking into the wrong room at the daycare one day and the kids there yelling at me. I don't recall why it was the wrong room, I assume it was a weird city thing since we lived in a big city at the time. More clearly, I remember when my family went to an animal shelter, probably a few months after. My parents had decided we were going to get a dog before we moved and so we stopped there to pick. We ended up getting two; the ones we got were right next to each other, I can still picture the building and the dogs.
My (extremely fuzzy) first memory is of when I was maybe two and a half; my parents and I had just moved houses a few months prior and the family who moved into our old house had invited us over. I remember nothing of the visit except for running around in the backyard with the family's dog and their teenage son warning me not to go in the pool. I have no idea why this particular moment stuck with me.
The earliest memory I have would not be appropriate to share here. It’s not as complex as other people’s first memories and I would be maybe. I was probably around 2-years old.

I can more clearly remember other things from when I was four though some memories might’ve been enhanced by videos.
For me, it's either seeing someone shooing away some geese traversing a bridge while coming back from vacations and laughing at the situation, or stumbling upon the scene from DBZ where Piccolo meets Cell for the first time. Thankfully I didn't see what happened to the poor (well, rich) man afterwards because I either left the room as kids always do, or the censorship removed the scene (censorship was quite present in the french dub unfortunately).
Appropriately enough, it was watching the Bridge Bike Gang episode of Pokemon with my older cousin. He proceeded to educate me about all things Pokemon. I was just shy of 3 years old, and it's one of the earliest things I remember.
I can very, very vaguely remember being put on a sofa to take a photo with one of my friends. This was when I was probably about 1 or 2, I don't really remember.
I don't know. I have scattered memories from early times I can not put my finger on. Like I have a memory of my bedroom very early on, like when I was gated in the bed (not necessarily a crib, but a toddler bed with rails). As of my vague knowledge, that's probably my earliest memory but I don't know.
I think my earliest memory is from day care. There was a paper doll play of a children's tale, but the person holding the dolls got a phone call and had to leave for a minute. During that time, I watched as some kids went to play with the dolls until the day care person got back.
It was an overcast day, and I was being pushed in a stroller while holding a stuffed Plex from Yo Gabba Gabba. Think I was like 1 or so. Entire memory is more of a single picture than a sequence of them.
i have a memory from when i was two that i would REALLY rather not share, but i will share my second-earliest, which was shortly after i turned three and watched the wizard of oz for the first time. i had a dream that night in which i decided to kiss a frog and then i turned green and woke up shrieking like a banshee.
now that i type it out, i guess i must've watched princess and the frog sometime shortly before that too. i guess i just really didn't want to be green? well, kissing random frogs can give you diseases, so don't do it, people.
ironically enough i ended up playing the wicked witch of the west in a community theater production a while back.
I definitely remember being about 3, I think it was around Christmas time? And I used to live at the top of a block of flats that had a really long winding staircase up to it back then and I tripped down like a full flight of the stairs. I was like completely fine surprisingly lol.
The earliest distinctly positively memory I have though would have to be when I was 8 and I got my 3DS with Pokemon Y. I remember it was in mid-May and I think it was a present for doing well in school that year but I don't exactly know because it was like 7 years ago nyow...
weird nightmares about being trapped in a room with robots, or with a tiny gru(from despicable me) holding his shrink ray and jumping around crazily with a face of insanity and anger. as well as some random blurry images in my head of me at my grandma's house.
I think about 2005 or before when I was 5, driving over a bridge in San Jose, I see that the forward light seems to be an arrow pointing to the sky which confused my little mind, a peaceful drive through a rainstorm where you could barely see the cars in front.
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