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What is the most hated thing in Pokémon that you love? Why?

Dec 2, 2022
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  1. He/Him
Pretty simple: Just answer the question "What is the most hated thing in Pokémon that you love? Why?" It doesn't have to be as long as my answer, feel free to make it as long as you want.

Mine is generation 5. While the graphics and animations could've used some work, the story, music, Pokémon, were all top-tier. Some of my favorite Pokémon came from gen 5. I mean, who wouldn't love Darumaka's adorable derpy face?
  • Unova introduced a new version of bug-types. While they're not really the best in general, bug types used to be portrayed as weak and unviable. Now, we have Pokémon like Volcarona and Galvantula, who are being used on many teams, sometimes competitively.
  • A lot of people hate on the story of Black and White, but I think it's one of the better ones. Having N as both a rival and a member of Team Plasma was unique and awesome, and you had to battle each other as the heroes of truth and ideals. This story in my opinion is completely underrated.
  • If you don't think the music from gen 5 was even remotely good, I want you to go to YouTube right now and listen the first Black and White OST you find. Skip to Driftveil City right away if you have to. The music as a whole just had lots of emotion. The music that was playing made you feel exactly what they wanted you to feel. Emotion Theme puts tears in your eyes while Bianca argues with her dad. Victory Lies Before You makes you feel like you're at the end of a long, hard-fought race when you're about to win a gym battle. Low Health Theme is instant panic/vibe mode.
Overall, generation 5 and Unova are very underrated, and I hope to see less people hating on them in the future.
For features, my choices would be:
  • Voltorb Flip, it's more intelligence-based than the regular casino and thus more entertaining, it's really disappointing it didn't came back in later games.
  • Completing the Pokedex, it may be repetitive and could have better rewards but it gives you a reason to keep playing the game and try different kinds of mons.
  • As a footnote to the above, Unown catching. I love the little guys so I have no problem on hunting them until I have the full collection, and finding them was my favorite Legends subquest.
For regions or generations in general it's hard to say, but I certainly liked Gen 6 more than the average.
Do people hate the Black and White story? I see more people gushing over it than hating it. I don't know if the lukewarm reception of gen 6-9 and nostalgia has colored people's perceptions but I always get the impression that gen 5 has replaced gen 2 as the most beloved generation.


I like how OP Psychic Pokemon were. Its fun sweeping the original two gens with a Kadabra. Nowadays Game Freak has overcorrected this and psychic Pokemon kind of suck these days. The Sabrina arc was my favorite in the original anime and I think my bias comes from there.
Pokémon BDSP

i loved BDSP and I’ve played the game for a little more than 100 hours, the excitement for the game was low and there was a LOT of criticism. But for me I really enjoy the game and I don’t care if it’s just like the originals, the contests, making poffins, catching new Pokémon, catching legendarys, and the gym leaders actually are a challenge unlike other games where the gym leaders were easy. (cough cough Swsh cough cough FRLG cough cough) Anyways what I’m saying is that I really loved BDSP and hope that the next remake will make me just as excited for me when I played BDSP!
Do people hate the Black and White story? I see more people gushing over it than hating it.
From what I've seen at release it had somewhat mixed reception but as of recently (I wanna say the past 3-4 years?) it's kinda flipped and people are quite positive about it now

Anyways staying in line with BW related I actually am in love with how they only had new pokemon during the story- while I think carrying that on for two games would've been a bit much and I think it's good B2W2 went back to the usual mix I think it was a really good refresher for the games
  • People say Team Flare’s motivations weren’t clear? But for me they were and it was the last time I felt threatened while playing against the antagonists of a pokemon game (if I don’t count Rainbow Rocket)
  • I’ve seen a lot of criticism of gen 6 in general, but I loved those games.
  • I love the exp share
  • Eh I don’t get why people obsess over pokemon having evolutions. In fact Rhydon, Porygon 2, Gligar, Tangela and a few others look super cool without them.
  • I didn’t mind BW only having new pokemon available, but it is one of the first complaints people bring up when they critique those games.
  • I don’t mind linear pokemon games, in fact I love to know where I’m going. Of course the areas and cities could be bigger, but the game doesn’t necessarily needs to be open world for that.
Bipedal Pokémon. I think most of them lock sick.

I know it’s mostly a small (and young) minority which has developed an unhealthy hatred towards them, but I pretty much see it at any corner of the internet.

It seems to be a big part of the “anything after Gen 5 = Bad” mindset which became really popular for mostly nostalgia reasons, which is especially odd since those kinds of Pokémon have been present since the very first generation.
I love how USUM are alternate realities rather than sequels. This fully expressed Gen 7's entire theme of expanding on multiverses! The whole reason only Gen 5 had sequels within their gen anyway was because Gamefreak felt a unified version would break the theme of Unova. Alola was  meant to be played in alternate realities of the same game. That was their theme the entire time.

I also think that despite its differences from Sun and Moon, USUM did a better job with its plot and story overall than B2W2 and Johto, the sequels. To me USUM gave its legendary box art and antagonist the deepest backstory of any in the series. These games had fantastic buildup for a Pokémon game and this created a climax intense enough to create a new precedent for the series. To me these are some of the most overlooked games in the series right now.

Also with the league established and a Kantonian Gym added to the game I think if there were a sequel, all the trials would be replaced by gyms. This would have been extremely upsetting as it pretty much tears apart Alola's significance; Alola's uniqueness.
The glitches in Scarlet/Violet. I haven't finished the games so I'm not expanding too much on it, but I always get a laugh at stuff that shouldn't be happening (one example just this week-end : sliding away without the character model moving for a bit after cancelling a dialogue option in the Academy). I guess I'm part of the players that enjoys interacting with minor oddities.
The anime version of Iris. So what if she was condescending towards Ash; he's rather immature. And I really like her hair, outfit, and the fact that she's a nature lover. I do agree that her storyline was very poorly written though.
I tried to find a short clip on YouTube of Mario shouting this in Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time but couldn’t, so you’re just going to have to say it in your head, but anyways…


Of course competitively they’re pretty sad, but they flesh out the world and are cute as a button :)
Lack of detailed combat animations. Not only their amount would be staggering to make but for me Pokemon is a bit like chess: an abstract game of wits. I genuinely like thinking of strategies and so on. Pokemon being punched slows down a battle and distracts. You can't turn off battle animations in ScVi by the way and I hate that. It is the first time since forever that you can't do this. Since I usually turn off animations my battles became X10 slower and I hated that. I must also say out loud what you all are probably thinking: no, I am not prone to epilepsy but I do hate flashing lights/images for other reasons. I don't know, they just hurt my eyes. Maybe I am strange.
I don't know if he is hated but I have started to like Wulfric lately after including him in one of my fanfictions. He is definitely one of the weaker (if not the weakest) late game gym leader but he is also a character who seems to have hidden depth?

He cries when he sees Brycen in a movie (reference to Brycen's depression?) which could indicate a connection between them. This shows that he is not afraid of being vulnerable (interesting contrast to how XY Ash reacts to his loss?).

Then there is the Pokémon Village where he lets a Mewtwo stay even though he could have caught it and become one of the strongest gym leaders (since he admits that he is weak) but he chooses to respect Mewtwo's wishes. Note how Pokémon Village resembles Mr. Fuji's house.

In Pokémon Masters he is one of the characters who tries to reason with Paulo which once again shows a caring side. Maybe he went through something similar in his youth?

He is also pretty cool in the anime since he is one of XY Ash's final opponents. I think out of all battles (except for the one with Paul at the Sinnoh league) this was the one that resulted in the most personal growth for Ash (not just as a trainer but at handling his emotions).

And maybe the most interesting part of him is his name. His name is Urup which is an Ainu name. His ancestor's name in the Japanese version is Hamarenge which has the same meaning but in Japanese. Possible hint of forced assimilation but there is also hope since Wulfric seems to have reclaimed his Ainu name.
i'm part of the crowd that generally enjoyed the transition to 3D rather than sticking to 2D sprites. i get the appeal of sprites, but i also grew up on stuff like pokemon stadium, pokemon colosseum, pokemon XD and pokemon battle revolution where the entire appeal was that your pokemon was more or less "brought to life" on the big screen. not all of it is perfect of course, but the argument can be made against sprites as well as there are pokemon that have just as goofy sprites as they do 3D models. but i'd much rather see movement and fluidity in my pokemon than static sprites, if i'm honest.
Modern designs. It's probably a vocal minority who say this but it feels like every single design being pumped out is getting hated on for one reason or another. I personally think the average designs are getting stronger with these more recent gens. Each new mon, even if the execution is flawed, has so much personality and inspiration in their concepts compared to the mons in Gen 1 or 2, which while largely decent too, are often just "here's a goldfish, here's some sludge, here's a seal but with a second e". Gen 9 seems to be getting less of it than the last few which is good cus at least IMO it's one of the strongest gens design wise period, only a couple mons from it have really been designs that I've not liked, and even then, only Squawkabilly has actually irked me as 'bad'. But either way, I just don't see what this vocal minority of people think is so wrong about every single mon since Gen 5.

Oh and another one, this time one I know I'm in the minority on but I love the design concept behind the Gen 8 Fossils mons, Execution wise sure, I'm not too big on them, save for Dracovish who I adore. But I feel the concept of fusing fragmentary fossil specimens into a completely different animal in an interesting one that has a lot of potential for future designs and concepts.
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