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What is your fashion sense like?

Sep 10, 2019
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I... kind of am a mixed bag?

I'm not nearly confident enough to wear anything super extravagant, but I'm into J-fashion stuff quite a bit. Lolita stuff, especially gothic lolita, is super pretty-looking, and it's my mission in life to have at least a few coords that fit into that style... I think they'd be useful to wear in winter especially ehehe. I've seen some (dark) girly kei fits that I've been a fan of, because a lot of them look super trendy honestly, and I think I'd probably feel a bit more 'at home' wearing those as opposed to something that stands out, personally. I don't like drawing tons of attention LOL.

But, well, I guess as for the 'standard fare' for me...? Streetwear is neat, comfy, and versatile, so if I'm just doing 'whatever' and it's wintertime, sweatpants are my friend . LOL it gets really really rainy here, so a hoodie and sweatpants are almost neccesary for surviving the cold unless if you want to feel extra drenched? Really, just anything nice and warm is great ehehe. In the summer skirts or shorts are both OK, there are good times to wear both after all, so I don't particularly feel the need to limit myself or anything? It's just a 'feels' thing, I guess... that's what you could probably mark down my fashion sense as LOL.

Really anything that @Blanc likes, I probably will like too!! I aim to learn a lot more about fashion from her, but she's given me a love of gothic-style clothing (and honestly just fashion in general), which I'm really appreciative of! We share similar-ish fashion tastes, I'd like to think... but I guess being sisters with someone will do that to you...?
On a daily basis I usually wear jogger/sweatpants and a hoodie or my Timberland windbreaker, very boring and basic. Although I try to mix it up a bit with my shoes. I try to match my hoodies with my shoes/pants but it's hard when the cool looking shoes are so expensive sigh. In terms of colors I like to wear black, grey, beige/tan, etc. especially in terms of hoodies. For pants, almost always black, and an occasional beige/khaki. In the summer all I wear is shorts. For shoes, I like unique colorways (aka not just black/white/grey). I like to think I have a good fashion sense but I can't pull off any "exquisite" fits (like fancy sweaters and stuff lol).
(in terms of brands, I usually dont care too much, but I prefer Nike, adidas, and new balance for shoes)
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I'm going to preface this by noting that a lot my clothes, especially the ones I wear more often, used to be my older brothers- this is a choice on my part, as a lot of the clothes are just comfortable (or have pockets, which tend to be really scarce in clothes that are originally mine) and me being okay with how they look, and not an issue of not being able to afford my own clothes. But it still seemed relevant to note.

I have a leather jacket which I wear very frequently, which is among my few things that I wear frequently that is not a handmedown from my older brother. I also have a pair of Harley Davidson boots which are mostly the only shoes I wear, also not my brother's. These two elements are probably the defining features of my style.

I wear glasses; I tend to select frames with a marbled-ish appearance of multiple colours, and which has wider lenses. My current frames have a marbled pattern of shades of brown and a few splashes of blue, and as mentioned, pretty big lenses.

Outside of this, I don't wear many accessories. I do have a pride flag bandana I got this past June, which I sometimes tie around my head to keep more hair out my face now that it's growing long again, or around my neck just because, but I don't wear it super frequently, for various reasons not all necessarily relevant to the thread. I do not care for hats or gloves unless necessitated by the weather (i.e. when it's really cold out). I do not really wear jewlery, and the only other accessory I'd wear would probably be a watch, which I have not gotten around to buying.

Everything beyond this point should be assumed to have a high proportion of clothes that were not originally mine.

I usually wear jeans, in shades blue, grey, or black mostly. I do not like having my legs uncovered, so while I occasionally wear sweatpants or leggings (though the latter not often because pockets and the former I don't like wearing outside the house, I just feel like I'll look weird and I only have, like, one pair anyway), I do not wear shorts unless specifically required. Most of the shirts I wear are longsleeved; I do own probably more short-sleeve t-shirts, but I will always choose longsleeve shirts over them if any longsleeved ones are clean. In general, I do not trend towards bright colours, blacks, greys, blues, and some darker reds are usually what appear in my shirts. I wear a lot of button ups and the occasional hoodie, and also have a couple of just plain longsleeve shirts.
Business casual. Tucked in shirts. (ALL of my shirts are tucked in. Even T-shirts) Chuck Taylors and the like. Usually androgynous leaning, though that doesn't mean I hate dresses. I don't wear shorts unless I just shaved my legs (just a personal preference).
No matter the time of the year I like wearing tank tops and tank top dresses (only certain styles, though. I don't like spaghetti strap, I like thicker than that). I get too warm so easily. If it's chilly out, I'll just put something over, such as a blazer, hoodie, or coat - something that can be taken off easily.

I adore florals and wear them a lot. I will wear darker, subdued ones during the fall and winter. I love them so much. lol.

For bottoms, I typically wear capris or jeans (typically the former). Despite being warm a lot, I don't like shorts or short skirts. I don't like showing that much skin. (I do wear shorts at home, but that's at home. lol.) I'll typically only get out a long skirt for more dressy events, like symphony performances or job interviews (and the like). I like the way longer skirts look on me, so I'm trying to find some to bring into my casual wardrobe, but I'm very picky. I also don't want to give off deeply religious vibe, so I have to be careful.

As much as I love shoes, I'm very limited on them right now after my chronic pain took away a lot of my options and I haven't had a lot of money to buy new ones. (For example, I can't wear heels anymore. =( ) Right now I have a cute pair of flats from Vionic, which is quite versatile. I also have some really cute sandals from Ecco, but haven't worn them lately with the weather getting cooler. I'll re-expand my shoe wardrobe again once I get a job.
I usually wear skirts and dresses... A lot of soft colors, lace, frills, and bows. Some days I dress like a Disney Princess. At work I dress like a princess who altered her wardrobe to be more business-like - think 'if Belle or Giselle worked in corporate.' Some days I dress like a fairy tale, or a kawaii girl, or a flower girl. My fashion sense tends to be influenced by vintage, flowers, princesses, and kawaii/harajuku/lolita clothing.

In my hair I usually wear lace bands, flowers, or tie it back with a ribbon. My make-up is always on the soft and pink side, with glitter subtly put on somewhere. And for shoes I usually wear slip-ons with embroidery or ribbons.

It's gotten me a lot of compliments in public, and to the point where my workmates have referred to me as "the one who dresses up."
ETA: It was actually kinda funny because once they were showing around a new hire, and as they explained the dress code I happened to walk past. I then heard HR telling them "-and don't worry about TwinklingCupcake, she always looks like that."
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I dress like every biology teacher I've ever had. Long sweatpants or jeans, with a solid-colored or striped shirt and runners. I also wear polka dots whenever I feel like spicing things up. Sometimes I add a hoodie or a cardigan (also striped or solid) if it's colder or if my skin inflammation is acting up that day. But I also like business casual clothing, since it's both comfy and professional-looking. I like neat, professional looks, but I'm usually kind of a mess, with improperly fixed collars and un-styled hair and the like. I don't really wear shorts, even in the summer because i don't go outside unless it's really hot. A lot of my schoolwork occurs in labs, where I couldn't wear anything that shows skin even if I wanted to anyway.

In general, I don't like extra flairs or patterns on my clothes. I like solid colors or geometric patterns and that's really it. All my clothes are shades of blue, black gray or green. I also only have two pairs of shoes: one pair of runners, and some black dress shoes that always fall off because I bought them too big for my feet. I hate boots, and despite living in a place that snows a ton during the winter, I never wear them. I wear no accessories, except for the occasional hairtie for lab sessions, and a lanyard for my keys. Having a bunch of dangly stuff irritates my skin, and I don't think any accessories I'd wear would even be visible because of my clothes. I do wear glasses, if that counts: thin, blue/brown/black glasses with nothing of note about them. I can't wear half-frame glasses because my lenses are too thick, but I really do like them...

My shopping habits basically involve me going to the liquidation section of any store, finding something I like looking at and going "yeah that probably fits" without much thought.
My overall style generally tends to be very basic: Shorts/jeans depending on whether it's real cold or not, plus a t-shirt, generally print. Where I like to put a bit more into it though is in the accessories. Necklace, bracelets, bandanna, just those extra bits of flair.
A couple years ago I attempted to up my style and found various Youtube helps for it. I don't think I would recommend any of the channels now but there were some good takeaways.

Henleys are my best friend. They're professional enough for my work environment because they have buttons but are casual enough with no collar. They also remind me of a modern take on the "puffy shirt" that Hobbits wear; I've been learning to be more comfortable with my Hobbit build lol.

Am usually comfortable with dark wash jeans and tennis shoes but when I want to step it up I'll switch the shoes out for Chelsea Boots. Have been taking small steps into the lumberjack (hipster?) realm experimenting with red Buffalo plaid but I'm not a fan of most button down shirts.
I don't have a fashion sense lol I just wear jeans or jean shorts depending on the weather and whatever t-shirt I pull out of my drawer, I've got a lot of them, NASCAR, wolves, a Zelda one, couple of Chevrolet shirts. I do put on a button up or polo shirt for church tho, and I like wearing a suit sometimes but I don't really have one atm.
I don't have much of a fashion sense (although I still like to pick things that go well together). I don't like to stand out, so my casual day-to-day wear just consists of jeans, plain t-shirts, hoodies and sweaters. My older sister is a fashion designer though, so I sometimes get nice and fashionable clothes from her.
I wear a lot of graphic tees/tank tops and sweats...I don't have much of a fashion sense really lol. Sometimes I see cute outfits and I'm like "ooh I'd wear that" but at the end of the day I don't have the money to spend on a whole new wardrobe nor do I really have the energy to care too much. I just want to chill in comfy stuff.
These days I usually don’t have much of a reason to not just wear comfy clothes, so I typically just throw on sweatpants and one of my many graphic tees. Most of them are for bands I don’t even listen to anymore lmao. When I’m leaving the house and want to be just a notch above that look, I’ll wear dark jeans and a pullover sweatshirt. When I’m actually trying, depending on the vibe, I have a few leather jackets and some flannels and button down shirts I like, and usually I’ll wear a more neutral short sleeve shirt with them. I’m also a big fan of snapback hats and beanies, I used to never leave the house without one. I feel like I need to grow up my look a little bit but I’ll get there when I’m more motivated to lmao.

I also have a huge sock collection. After the holidays at my old retail job one year, a bunch of these themed “12 days of socks” things went on clearance so all the sudden I had a ton of Mario, Marvel, and Star Wars socks. I’ve since rounded that out with Pokémon, Rick and Morty, South Park, SpongeBob, you name it. Also some random stupid ones, ranging from pickles to a cat walking on a piano to my old band’s logo. They’re silly, but they’re fun and nobody really notices them so I enjoy it.
The only outfits I really wear are, Tshirt+cargo pants, hoodie+shorts, tshirt+shorts, or hoodie+cargo pants. The shirts I wear are usually tour merch from my favorite artists or random designs/sports stuff. So overall, pretty basic.

Edit: for shoes I basically just wear these everyday, they go with everything

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solid blacks, lace details, ribbons and bows, mini-dresses, lolita-style blouses, fishnets layered over normal tights, OTKs layered over normal tights, pleat skirts, wool jumpers (thin but warm). I like fitted clothing more than loose clothing.
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