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Music What Music Genres/Types of Music Do you enjoy?

Mar 6, 2023
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  1. He/Him
Alright, here we go. What type of music do you enjoy? (Or how would you describe it?)

I enjoy rock, alternative rock, J-Pop, and classical.

I like music with energy and spirit. That doesn’t mean that it has to be a fast song. I also prefer louder music over softer music as you can actually hear it, and it has more energy.

So what other types of music do you like? And are there any of them you have in common?

CHALLENGE: (not a rule of this thread or a barrier to this thread; this is just to make it different from other music threads) Try answering the question without giving any examples of artists or specific pieces.
Lots of anime and video game music, mostly of Japanese origin, but some Western series too.
Pop songs mostly based on trends in social media and what I might be listening to in lounge places outside (not a fan of the rave/rap places).
And a little mix of modern Greek music too.
Even some classical on rare occasions.

Just feel like listening whatever is currently on my mind off all these when I would like to block away most thoughts. Or something emotional makes me feel a certain way more. I do have some songs that have specific meanings because of some inside jokes/context, for these purposes.
I pretty much only listen to video game music, or at least instrumentals; it's very rare that I listen to music with lyrics (although I do love the gibberish vocals in Splatoon music lol). I prefer focusing on the song itself, rather than trying to pay attention to the lyrics, figuring out what they mean, worrying if I'm misinterpreting them or whatnot. (Plus I find that 90% of song lyrics are either edgy/dark/depressing or about love. and neither of those appeal to me)

I've never paid much attention to genres but I tend to like electronic music most, the more energy the better. Other than that I like chiptune (big fan of NES and SNES music), rock, jazz, synthwave, DnB, symphonic metal, eurobeat, electro swing, and various other uncategorized things. I also like mashups or crossovers of genres sometimes, like classical + rock.

I don't usually like slow music or anything that doesn't have a good beat. oddly, I can't stand lo-fi - it gets me anxious and jittery because there's not enough happening.
Taking the challenge to avoid naming any specific artists here...

I've said this before but my number one favorite type of music is pop punk/emo (and any related subgenre you can think of). I've been a very genuine fan of it ever since I was a kid, the sound and lyrical styles just resonate with me and it's helped me work through many dark times and complicated feelings when those come up. In general it represents my personality very well. I don't really care anymore if the majority of people think it's cringy or dated... though I sure cared a lot more back in middle school :p

But my horizons are pretty broad these days — I listen to a bunch of different genres just depending on what I wanna hear that day, and I honestly can think of very few that I actually unequivocally dislike. Some other faves of mine would probably be speedcore/gabber, smooth jazz, and I also have a really big soft spot for schmaltzy 90s pop (which is occasionally surprising to people who think my tastes are exclusively screamo, lol). Lately I've been enjoying some J-pop on the side too but it doesn't make up that much of my listening habits.

Additionally, when I was younger I was really into techno trance, happy hardcore, and symphonic gothic metal; I still like all of those of course, just not nearly as intensely as I used to. Also, I'm not really caught up with the modern stuff anymore, but I've been an avid Vocaloid enthusiast ever since the V2 days.

TL;DR if it's loud and abrasive, or if there's a guitar or some corny lyrics in it, I'm probably interested.
Let me try to make lists (and I'm going with pretty much everything I listen to, not just my top favorites):

On the "pop" side (speaking very generally here): Classic Soul/R&B (by classic I mean from 50s/60s/70s -this includes some specific subgenres like Motown and Philly Soul), some Neo-Classic Soul/R&B, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock, British Folk, British Folk Rock, Sunshine Pop, Baroque Pop, Brass Rock, 70s Soft Rock, Funk, Ska Punk, Punk, Early 00s Grunge, early 00s Rock/Pop in general (nostalgia from my early teens), Indie Folk, Country Folk, Country Rock, Bluegrass, Easy Listening (Yup, I legitimately like orchestral "muzak" from the mid 20th century and thereabouts. LOL).

On the "classical" side: Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classic, French Impressionism, Early 20th century (there's a wide variety there).

I think that about covers it.
going by my RYM account:

Afrobeat - I listen to a lot of Fela Kuti
Soul - Really big one for me these days, a decent chunk of my new-to-me listening is soul
Funk - Really into this too, and a lot of funk can cover soul, and afrobeat
East Coast Hip Hop- I just really love the 90s NY sound
Dub Techno - As a genre, I don't really care about it, but it is what my favourite artist operates under
I'll listen to pretty much anything as long as I think it sounds nice, but my favourite genres have to be jazz (especially jazz fusion), happy hardcore and funk. I'm alsyo pretty big on future bass, waltz and breakcore.
And this isn't a genre and moresyo just something of pretty major nyote but basically everything I listen to uses vocal synthesizer programs (and even when a song doesn't use them, it's usually still made by a musician who frequently uses them anyway).
Hi! I don’t know if this has already been done, but here i am!

bulbagarden rules apply (do I have to say this?)

ill start: I listen to a lot of more “mainstream“ pop music, but not ”mainstream” like TikTok songs. Cause no. I generally am a fan of ed Sheeran (and Taylor swift) and Ill listen to Pokémon anime songs once in a while (what can I say, some of them are pretty good).
Kind of like a weird mix of stuff. Video game OSTs (Sonic, Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry, etc), 80s pop, early 2000s-2010s pop, Eurobeat, jpop, sappy boyband music (think "Drowning" by Backstreet Boys-type stuff), whatever you call the kind of music the Bemani originals generally are in Dance Dance Revolution, pop rock (your Nickelbacks and Matchbox 20s and that sort of thing), pop punk... Lots, and I don't know the names of genres well so I dunno if that explains it well enough.
Pretty much mostly VGM, with a glob of other genres making up like 2% of my listening time lmao
vgm is definitely what i listen to the most... in terms of like, GENRES, i'd say edm and chiptune? but i also really enjoy grunge and metal... some alternative as well
Idk if I should put this here, but here’s a headcanon for some of my characters music taste!

shauna likes 90s and 2000s boy band cause she just likes the way the music sounds and doesn’t care about Calems constant comments on how she likes the same music as his mom

serena would like sort of chill pop (think Taylor swift evermore and folklore)

may would like any music as long as it’s got a sort of energetic theme to it

lisia would like k pop, j pop, maybe vocaloid, and pretty much whatever pop is popular at the moment

these are personal headcanons for me and I like to think of my guys every time I listen to the radio (I literally can’t go a car ride without thinking “this song fits insert character here so well and getting an intricate animatic idea in my head fir them and this song)
I like rock and pop, and a mix of the two! I also sing a lot.. or well I used to. Lately not so much. lol
If anyone wants to chat music I'm open to it, but I might take a while to respond sometimes.
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