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What starter did you get in Mystery Dungeon? + opinions on the personality quiz


shining in the night
Oct 9, 2022
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In the mystery dungeon games, you had to complete a personality quiz which would determine which Pokémon your player character was. Did you like the personality quiz, and did you agree with the personality quiz result?

I'm sure that in Blue Rescue Team, I redid the quiz until I got Torchic.
I remember that when I played Explorers of Time for the first time, I got Turtwig!
I haven't played any of the more recent titles like Super Mystery Dungeon, so I can't comment on that one.
I liked the idea of the personality quiz as they are a lot of fun and they make you think about who you are and what values you have. I don't really think that any quiz or survey can give you an accurate personality type as I don't think human behavior can be coded into a quiz all that well (even the renown Myers-Briggs 16 Personalities quiz I find to be problematic). Nonetheless, it is one of the many facets of the Mystery Dungeon which give it its charm.

Also, you can use this site if you want to simulate the PMD Explorers of the Sky personality quiz to see who you would get.
I can't seem to get consistent results, but I have gotten Calm (Chikorita/Cyndaquil) the most recent time I took it which I agree with to an extent though I can be impulsive when flustered though the description seems to be more fitting for simply kind-heartened. I also have gotten quirky (Squirtle/Piplup) which I agree with based on the definition but not really based on the given description. I even got Brave (Pikachu/Charmander) which I can understand to an extent.


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I really like having a small personality test because it makes me feel like the MC is actually like me in some capacity, specially since the Mystery Dungeon games do make the self insert have a bit more character. Also, they make me use Pokémon I would've never chosen either way, like Treecko in Explorers (I'm a Mudkip enjoyer, which btw I did get playing Rescue Team DX!)
The results I remember are: Mudkip in RRT, Chikorita in Time, Chikorita in Sky, and Mudkip in DX. In my most recent playthrough of Sky for the Bulbagarden Twitch channel, I landed a Turtwig.

Actually, a lot of the connections I had with Chikorita through the Mystery Dungeon games as a kid are a big reason why it's my favorite Pokemon today!
Never played the actual games, but I did the quiz thing a bit back when it was shared in one of my circles, and I got calm aka Cyndaquil/Chikorita. Given the female equivalent of that is Cyndaquil, I'll go say that.
Always prefered it when there was a quiz, it felt more interesting. The quiz gave me Treecko for explorers, Bulbasaur for SMD, and Treecko again for rescue team DX but I went and chose something else.
Well, I recently played Blue Rescue Team, and I got Cubone.
I am currently playing Explorers of Time, and I got Chimchar.
Purchased a copy of explorers of sky for the first time (played darkness as a kid, mother wouldn't get me sky). Eevee was my result. Shinx is my partner.
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