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What's the first Pokemon anime episode that was released on or after you were born?


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Jun 1, 2023
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Although there are no Pokémon episodes that came out on the exact same day I was born, Now, That's Flower Power!, otherwise known as A Rival For Haruka! Intense Pokémon Contest Training!! in Japan, the 33rd episode of Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire and the 307th episode of the Pokémon anime overrall, was first broadcast on July 10, 2003 (six days after I was born) and was broadcast in the US 10 months later on May 22, 2004.
For me it's actually a Housou/Chronicles episode — HS04, "Showdown at the Oak Corral". It aired on January 14, 2003... which happens to be my exact birthday!
Closest one in the main series would've been AG008, "A Tail with a Twist", two days later.
This thread makes me feel old as hell. I was born 5 years before the anime debuted in Japan.

YOU feel old? I was old enough to baby-sit when it came out!

Actually, I frequently brought VHS tapes of the anime to my baby-sitting jobs. So I may or may not have been responsible for getting some five-year-olds hooked on the series. ^_^
Let see the first episode released after I was born was episode 39 of the original series. Which happened 4 months after my birth due to the Porygon episode causing a hiatus.
I'm in the same bandwagon as half of the others here are: EP001. Although my youngest sister was born the day EP062 aired in Japan.

At least I can mention that the last episode of The Simpsons to air before my birth was the Season 5 finale "Secrets of a Successful Marriage". And also, just two weeks before The Lion King premiered in theaters. People have apparently said 1994 was a good year in media business.
'91 baby here, so the first episode of the series, either in Japan or America.
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