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What's your morning routine?

Jun 8, 2019
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  1. He/Him
What do you typically like to do when you start your day? Do you immediately want to get out for some exercise, or prefer to just relax? Are you a breakfast person, or not so much?

My routine isn't super involved, but when I wake up I like to get dressed right away, open the windows for some fresh air, and sit down with a cup of coffee (maybe turning on the weather channel on TV).
If I have spare time, ideally coffee ASAP and a little breakfast/brunch snack (nothing extreme). If in a rush, just get dressed, colognes/deodorants and stuff.

Usually reserve the shower for mid noon-afternoon (hottest part of the day, if summer) or the previous night (if I have something to attend to early tomorrow, as I get kinda anxious about if I have enough time in the morning).
I have a pretty set morning routine, at least on days I have to work. It's usually:

- Getting a shower and getting dressed

- Going downstairs and getting coffee

- Checking my phone and the news

- I usually read a bit of manga or a book to relax and sometimes I put on YouTube in the background if one of the channels I follow has posted a new video (I like to multitask haha)

- Then an hour later I go make some breakfast, usually very simple stuff that doesn't take a lot of time to make and eat. And sometimes I also get a second cup of coffee.

- Read a bit more

- About 15 to 20 minutes before I have to leave I go brush my teeth, apply some deodorant and get the stuff I need for work.

And that's about it. I have ADD so I like to have a structured routine and rhythm, and I also make sure I relax and I don't get stressed out to much. That's why I usually reserve household chores and other things that require time and attention for later on the day when I get home or when I have a day off.
Once I get up I have to have breakfast as soon as physically possible. If I don't get some fuel in my system within, say, ten minutes of waking up, my morning is pretty much ruined by default; I'll be drained of energy and extremely irascible. To this day I cannot understand how people can skip breakfast and still function throughout the day.

I usually like to put on Kirby Radio or some other upbeat music, just to get my mood up a little. I also check my email, especially during the school year to make sure I'm up to date on everything. Only after breakfast can I do the usual routine stuff like getting dressed, showering, forcing my hair to look semi-presentable, etc.
Depends on the type of week I'll be having : if I work early in the morning, I get up, go to the bathroom, then eat my cereals and straight up go to work. If I start work a bit later, I take the time to get up, have a shower then have breakfast.
Depends on the day... On work days I like getting up and showering (been shifting that to evenings lately, though, as my sleep schedule got messed up when I changed timezones for just one week. >.<), drying my hair, taking my dog out and feeding her. Then having my breakfast and taking my meds. After that do all of the remaining things to get ready - deciding what to wear that day, getting my break snacks, drinks and lunch together, styling my hair, makeup, jewelry, etc.

On days off, I sleep in and the first thing i do (usually before I even go to the bathroom myself xD) is let my dog out because she's been waiting longer than normal with me sleeping in. Then I feed her. I sit down have my breakfast and meds. and take my shower, usually a little later. Weekends are my time to chill, so I'm not so bothered to keep much routine.
Depends on the day for me.

Usually, I get up, and depending on the time, I just lay in bed to catch some extra sleep or just lay and look at my phone, usually getting up at seven at the minimum. That's followed by making my bed and turning on my desktop computer. Then I go and make breakfast, usually a bagel with a cup of tea or more recently a cup of green smoothie (bought pre-made) depending on the weather, then go back to sit at my computer to enjoy it and decide my day. This is usually followed by a shower depending on the day but I also decide what I wear for the day even if it is sweats and then go and do my other hygiene stuff.

A new habit I've been getting into though forget as much is starting up a daily news podcast (usually NPR Up First) and listening to that first thing.

My sleep schedule has been off since graduating college since I've been staying up later than what was I used to, used to be ready to go by eight a.m. but now usually mostly ready for the day by eight-thirty or nine not helped that my work schedule is often set to afternoons than into mornings.
I enjoy relaxing on the bed before going to eat. I brush my teeth first, then lay around for a bit (since you shouldn't eat right after brushing anyway) while playing phone games, and then 30 minutes after brushing I'll have breakfast. It's super relaxing. <3
If I wake up early, I’ll lie in bed and check my forums notifs or whatever, then drag myself out of bed. Eat breakfast, brush my teeth, comb my hair. Probably while either watching YouTube of making my siblings do that stuff. Change clothes and sit on my couch until my siblings are done then go to school :)

The weekends are something else….
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