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Which female companion is the most relatable to you?

Which female companion is the most relatable to you?

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Dec 15, 2011
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Which female companion can you relate to the most?

The female companion that I feel is the most relatable to me will be Serena because I know what it feels like to be unsure of what career you want to have for the future and then eventually finding a career that interests me. I think we also have similar personalities and strangely enough similar hair color.
Out of pokemon girls i could say to have myself most common points with Misty in behavior and beliefs.

Just like Misty i tend to be firm and strongwilled in my beliefs not backing up to challenge and fighting for what i find to be right in my view. Helping others and not hesitating to speak whats on my mind. Even if i sometime can come of as perhaps stubborn and unrelenting(well no one is perfect).

I also have strong passion and invest lot of dedication and enthusiasm in my interests in life, job or hobbies with almost same energy she does. With Misty unquestionable and big love for water pokemon, desire to become one day reputable water expert like E4 Lorelei,effort she puts in improving herself in other things she likes (like fishing, interest in romance and tender things) being in lot of aspects reflection of myself.

In being loyal and hardworking for things which i care about in life. Approaching with lot of care and devotion toward family and friends being big optimist by nature.

Im realist and down to earth in general not harboring delusional expectations, but admittedly sometime my head can wander of into the clouds being dreamer and perhaps having too idealistic view on certain things. With all kind of fantasies Misty used to have and irrational thoughts which served as amusing leeway from her usual blunt and headstrong demeanour being another linking point.

Where i manged to identify myself with character.

Because Misty personality, quirks, flaws and personal ethics always came of as most realistic and natural among all other female leads. Well in my opinion they were.
Being sweet, optimitic and loyal. Hotheaded, strong willed and selfrighteous,. Outspoken not being afraid to speak whats on her mind. Smartass and snarky coming uip with all kind of hilarious jokes and playful irreverance. Enveloped with girly and romantic streak of hers, pasion for various hobbies, water pokemon to the point of defining on big part her character, mysteries and curiosity taking charge in figuring out secrets and riddles. Not waiting for opportunity to happen, but taking wheel in her hands and seaching for solutions in stopping pokemon, bad guys, exposing frauds and preventing disasters.

Hence why even though im a guy, there exists some characteristics and personality traits where im similar to this character. Much more than i am when it comes to May, Dawn, Serena or Iris to be honest.
Bonnie, because she behaves like an actual child, unlike MAX...or any of the 10-Year Olds...and Bonnie acts like my cousin when she sees my cat...she wants to pet it and Artie just attacks her to get her away...
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