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Who are your favourite Gym Leaders in Scarlet and Violet?

I adore Iono, her design's so cute and if I wasn't already sold on her, her recent anime appearance has definitely changed that. She's great, and I enjoyed her team, plus she had probably the most interesting Tera Mon out of all of them.

Brassius is pretty cool as well, he's just got a cool attitude and an interesting design IMO. Also fond of Grusha though visually I don't like him as much, like, his designs not bad, I just personally haven't found myself vibing with it, but I enjoy his personality a lot.
I voted for Iono and Larry.

Iono is so captivating and entertaining, I loved her chaotic debut on the Pokémon YT channel with the reveal of Bellibolt. :bulbaLove:

I had hoped TPC/GF would actually utilise her for ongoing content, maybe even make Iono her own channel? That would be so cool, even if it was just basic stuff like type match-ups and information about Tera-Types. For some reason, I could see Iono getting Miku Hatsune levels of hype.

Larry being a tired worker is extremely relatable to me, as someone who works a Monday to Friday job.

Honourable mentions for me would be Grusha and Katy... I liked Katy, probably because she was the first Gym leader I fought. She is very accomodating yet firm.

Grusha appears to have a cold exterior yet easily gets flustered. I really love that most people's initial reaction to Grusha, they thought Grusha was a girl :'D I love androgynous characters.

But really, kudos to TPC/GF for being creating memorable cast of Gym leaders this time around, it has been a refreshing change.
Most of the leaders didn’t intrigue me this much this time, but my favorite has to be Iono.

I love how she looks and for some reason the shark teeth on characters make me like them more. It’s just something funny that makes me laugh a bit, and scares me as well. But her color scheme is also extremely awesome in my opinion!
1. Larry - As others have said, he is a character with a very unique and unexpected concept, a blow of fresh air in the series. The interpretation of the character and his mannerisms was also very well represented.

2. Brassius - I really love his design and his aesthetic features. The way that his garment, hair and whip combine and represent his specialization and synergizes with his mood is simply fantastic. But, personality-wise, I'm not a huge fan of him, to be honest.

3. Grusha - He has a very interesting design, but what caught my attention most was his personality. One would imagine that a renowned sportsman would be someone bold and outspoken, used to cameras and spotlights, but Grusha is the complete opposite, extremely shy, insecure and reclusive. There is also the issue of the character's trauma and lack of security resulting from the "incapacitating" injury he suffered, which adds even more spice to his personality and the way he relates to the outside world. In short, he is an intriguing character who certainly breaks several expectations and paradigms as well as makes us reflect.

4. Honorable Mention: Ryme, she has a very sick design and a great personality that makes her worthy of entering the Top 3. However, the theme of relating musical styles to characters is not new to the series, which is why she remains fourth in my list.
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I'll choose 3 of them (no particular order) :

1/ Iono for her design and how she turned the Terastallization mechanic to her advantage by using a Pokémon with Levitate to patch up Electric's weakness to ground.

2/ Ryme bringing back Double Battles caught me off guard and gave me one of my hardest battles in S/V. Also her being a rapper is quite the bold move, and it works !

3/ Brassius for being the first Gym Leader I fought. Good ol' Sudowoodo finally got its wish !
I like Grusha. He's cute and I enjoy how he sounds both kinda introverted and determined at the same time.
Tulip is another big favourite of mine because of her fabulous mindset and smart dialogues. Also, she's temperamentally a bit like myself since I usually don't hesitate to give compliments while having a conversation.

As for Larry, I can understand the appeal but he honestly bores me to death, as a character, and I did not like the idea of him being an elite four as well.
Iono is hella cute, and I like that she has a Bellibolt. So my vote goes to her. She's so bubbly and funny.

Second place is most def Larry because he is relatable as hell. A different look into the life of a Gym Leader honestly.

Third would be probably Brassius, literally FE Hubert but with green hair, haha.
IONO she's so cute... u_u but honestly i loved everyone its tough 2 choose...larry u will forever be famous ❤️ such a guy of all time. like if the term some guy was a character.
Katy is such a sweetie tbh.

Larry is cool for just being some fuckin dude.

(Also unpopular opinion but I really didn't like Iono, her design and everything is everything I hate about modern YouTube streamers and influencers lol)
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