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Who’s Voice do you like the most in the Anime?

Trip was another one of my favorites too, he sounds more 12 than 10 if I were to nitpick but it's believable and captures his personality perfectly, it's more so the voice I was expecting from Paul back then.

Gary is James Carter Cathcart's most iconic role for a reason, I doubt his upcoming replacement actor will be the same.
Sawyer was probably the worst! Way too old sounding (that's saying something considering this is the dub with other kids that sound too old), flat and just badly acted overall. I don't know what I was expecting him to sound like but it wasn't that!
For the major rivals, voices I really liked in the English dub:

Pokemon Chronicles - Ritchie figures out what happend to Professor Oak (I liked Ritchie's dub voice, Tara Jayne is fine here)

Did You Know These FACTS about Harrison? #shorts (I also liked Harrison's dub voice, Wayne Grayson/Vinnie Penna did great here)

Risharbon on TikTok (Marc Diraison is always a great VA no matter what he does, Tyson was nice to listen to)

After early Battle Frontier in 2006, my opinion of the dub turns negative (We all know why- some turned negative beforehand, but I didn't start outright disliking it, until the controversial change. From there, it gradually began to increasingly decline though over time outside of some of mid DP & early BW, personally). That said, some highlights later on, I suppose:

Pokemon Paul Funny Moments (He sounds too old for his age, but so does Shinji, so there's that- it's a cool voice, at least)

- You already brought up Trip -

Hop's English Voice | Pokémon Journeys Episode 115 English Dub (I can't stand the dubs of XY to JN, not just because of Goldfarb but he's obviously at the top, but Hop sounds way better than Goh does I guess?)

I agree with Dogasu that Nando was annoying (TPCi trying to imitate 4Kids in accenting went about as well as oil mixed with water, obviously trying a Spanish accent) and Conway was just creepy in the dub (especially in Season 13), nope.

I didn't like Cameron's either (see Sawyer, what is wrong with TPCi giving kids voices that make them sound decades older than they are for so long now, IMO? He's Ash's age, yet sounds like a 30 year old man in the dub too!). Morrison wasn't bad unlike what Dogasu claimed to me (in fact I thought it was clever 4Kids realized his seiyu was Masako Nozawa in Japanese originally, so gave the role to Sean Schemmel in English aka FUNimation dub Goku) but I was just neutral on his as I could see how it would annoy someone too, Gladion sounds too old as well in BOTH versions like Shinji/Paul, and lastly, Bea is semi-annoying in the JN dub but I can tolerate it: to me, but same boat as Morrison, meh.
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