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Win the League, Break the Timeline — a bdsp soul link nuzlocke comic

Oct 28, 2023
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  1. She/Her

hey! I’ve had some fun overhyping this yesterday, so you get the cover now! Im probably only going to post one page at a time, and no specific schedule (I don’t like them and they dont like me)

please discuss and make comments on the blog, Win the League, Break the Timeline — a blog for all things related to my webcomic!

me and mudkipz hope you enjoy it!!!

is my handwriting legible? It’s not the best ever but it’s not bad lol, just wanted to know what you think. Post about this or ask questions on the blog I made for this!
also yes I finally finished the first page. And yes they have last names. guess The languages and meanings
I think it would be a good idea to have a separate spoiler for the teams so that people know who has what.
When I get to actually starting the story, I’ll make sure to do that!
edit: I’m working on the next page I just hate colouring by hand cause it’s all on different
layers aah
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