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  • Ok, I tried to make a decent OU team (it probably isn't) so you can we can have a battle whenever you're ready~ XP
    Same, I think the Trick Room is what saved me~ On that last play I wasn't sure Moonblast would kill and I was so terrified I'd lost~ XD

    We should~ I should really get back into OU. My current OU teams are probably pretty bad by Smogon standards~ xP
    I know, but the obsession is too real! XD I literally made a team for Anything Goes that's literally Mono-Diancie~ XD And I got bodied by a Metagross so bad I forfeited turn 3. XD

    Here's probably the best battle I had with the team~ Anything Goes replay: majorsugarrush vs. DiamondTheStorm - Pokémon Showdown
    OU (suspect test) replay: TapeIsLife vs. DiamondTheStorm - Pokémon Showdown Another battle I was seriously gonna forfeit!~ But this thing is my favorite Mega for a reason~
    Oh I know!~ Contrary Serperior is terrifying even with just one free Contrary Boost. Even things that resist aren't safe! And that was awesome with the Mega Lopunny just completely destroying that Mega Sableye~ :3 I'm not badass enough to run Hi Jump Kick, tho~ XD
    Yeah, when it got down to him having like three left, I was just saying to myself "Please don't let me win this when I was gonna forfeit. Please have a Choice Scarf Iron Head Scizor" XD I was so happy I somehow won that. And I do like using Mega Diancie since it does get that bit of bulk in the sand. That and the idea of using such a graceful Pokemon in the sand is just something I find awesome. :p

    I know, and it's sad because I made the team literally just to use Sandslash and he just never seems to come through~ XD
    OU (suspect test) replay: DiamondTheStorm vs. Toc the Younger - Pokémon Showdown Here's a really cool battle I had with the same Sand team. I played pretty terribly in the beginning. In fact, I contemplated forfeiting on like turn 6. XP It's such a hard team to play with against all these good-ass players~
    And I can't even reconnect. TmT I hope I don't have this problem at college. -3- No, I was gonna lose. My team was not ready. Lol~
    Did you challenge me? My internet is ass today so I haven't be able to do much of anything~ XP I just got online~
    Yeah, you should be able to find one on the Trading Threads, or even someone to breed one for you~
    My internet has literally died about 4 times on the past 10 minutes. And, the Heracross only has a 31 in Sp.Def. Pretty obvious why this one was traded off.
    My internet died right after the trade!~ Twice! XD Thanks for the Bulbasaur, but I already have a trained Mega Venusaur~ :p And you're welcome~ :3 I found a good looking Heracross from Wonder Trade. Let me check out its IVs.
    It seems to be working at the moment, but it may stop soon. It's probably because of the bad weather today~ -3-
    Okay, I'm trying to get online now, but today seems to be one of those days. And it was working fine earlier! DX
    I'm actually pretty bad at it. XP It only seems to work maybe once out of every 5 attempts. But I seem to be getting better. I had to clone some guy on my friends list's Victini and it didn't take long to make 6 of them. Maybe because I felt like I had to I was able to focus better. XD The reason I learned was because I was able to get a Diancie from a kind person and I love it so much, I literally wasn't happy with just one. XD So I have like 11 of them now. If you don't have one, I can trade you one~ :3 I was scared to try it, too, but it actually isn't that bad. Even if you don't clone right, you won't lose either of your Pokemon, which is great about X and Y.

    I really hate those Eviolite Pokemon like Porygon2. But I've come to realize that Chansey is just the most annoying this with Eviolite! And it sucks because I think I only have 2 or 3 Pokemon with Knock Off~ XP.

    Yeah, I finally decided to move on in X and there was a Linoone with Sand Attack and Mud Sport. Like, can they at least use an attacking move? It feels so cheap sometimes. But other times it's good. Team Flare can go from spamming status moves, to having Swalot Encore me into Topsy-Turvy to give him his 3 Amnesia's back! I hope ORAS will be better in this regard. Speaking of, it looks like the scans will be coming in the next day or so~
    Yeah, I'm literally just chilling on the beach. I've actually been wasting my time practicing cloning so I haven't moved forward yet. XP

    Yeah, I did see that picture! It was so evil! XD And I saw that, too. If only it could use Eviolite, it would be OP!

    The AI really needs some work. Last time I replayed X, a Granbull spammed Roar and an Aromatisse spammed Skill Swap. Like WTF? Why? They really need to fix that so these games can be more of a challenge~
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