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  • Yeah, Aromatisse is okay in its design, to me, but Slurpuff is just so much cuter. It's the only Version Exclusive to X I prefer to Y's. Ot'll be worth it when you catch the little ball of fluffy cuteness. Lol, I restarted X like weeks ago and still haven't left Shalour City yet. I need to get a move on.

    Don't forget AZ's Floette, which I really want, but I would just die if it had the OT AZ. After that reunion at the end of the game, I wouldn't be able to live with myself for taking his Floette away, so I hope we get it as some kind of event.

    I really hope the let his Pokemon evolve, too. It would be so much better as a final battle. I actually like Delcatty and Altaria on his team since I find them unique (I mean, Winona kinda uses Altaria, but still).

    It's true, some of the suggestions I see from people for these games, and others, are so good, I just wish they'd actually be things. Like after you beat ORAS you get another plot with the team that was originally on your side and the other legendary and that's how Rayquaza would get involved. That would be so badass.
    YES! Use the power! People like to talk all the sh*t about Slurpuff and say that it's ugly but I LOVE SLURPUFF! I really need to calm down~

    Yeah, there were some Megas revealed before the games came out. Afterwards people found the rest of them and they were officially revealed. That's what I expect for Megas that are non-Hoenn in ORAS since, chances are, you won't be able to use them before you beat the game, anyway.

    I'm kind of indifferent, but Mega Gallade would be better since Diantha decided to steal his main. -3-
    Because people don't know the power of Slurpuff! It's so good! I learns all kinds of moves and can be defensive, specially offensive, or physically offensive! And it's immune to sleep or you can go with Unburden!

    Yeah, it's like they weren't that interested in being a trainer to begin with. It sucks that they just give up. ORAS better fix that and let them and Wally have more involvement against Teams Aqua and Magma. I think other Pokemon will get Megas, but I expect them to be revealed afterwards like X and Y did for Pokemon like Medicham, Pinsir, and Houndoom. Hoenn Megas prioritize over other regions since this is a Hoenn remake. Other Megas will probably be revealed post-game.
    It's not that I hate his design or anything, it's just that almost every Hawlucha in-game has come nothing short of smashing my entire team that's led me to just hate it. Lol, that's the exact reason I know who's in LC and Ubers. I'm watching Shofu right now play OU and he picked out exactly which Pokemon weren't OU on his opponent's team. I'd never have noticed. XD I just started playing RU and UU and I was just shocked at all the good Pokemon that are in that tier, but I guess it makes sense.

    There's nothing better than someone using Mega Mewtwo X with all Special moves or Giratina with Fly. Slurpuff is the best counter for Darkrai, in my opinion. Maybe you can try using him~

    Yeah, that is a lot of Dragons. I think Altaria, Flygon, and Milotic could use them the most, though~ Altaria and Milotic could both use Fairy. I think Wally need more of a role in the main story. And Brendan/May. They should be more into the Magma/Aqua plot.
    I'm using Hawlucha now, even though I hate the thing~ But I figured I might as well. XP Okay, good, because I don't know what Pokemon's in what tier except OU, Ubers (mostly) and LC. In fact, I was on Showdown the other day and realized most of the Pokemon I use are in UU! How is Hydreigon and Mega Ampharos UU?! :'( But agreed, I think people should use whatever they want. Whenever people use teams of Ubers against me, they're usually untrained with awful moves, anyway~ I hate Dark Void, too, but I've pretty much got a way around it~

    I'm hoping for Mega Flygon, Altaria, Salamence, or Milotic. I'm expecting Sharpedo and Camerupt, too~ Oh, new Wally art would be good, too. I hope he may get a bit of a bigger role, this time. I always felt sad he's so forgotten.
    I know, I've replayed X three times now. I've almost used all of the Kalos Pokemon, but I may have to restart one more to be able to do that. Do you battle like strictly by Smogon or anything? Because I kinda just throw stuff together, but I don't use Uber Legendaries. I think we're due for some new scans this weekend and I'm excited about what the Megas will be!

    Oh! The "+" just means they've viewed it more than once.
    Yeah, I do like IV breeding and stuff and battle over Wi-Fi. And we should battle sometime, I've just made a new team I want to use. Though my internet is pretty ass and decides not to work far more often than when it does when it comes to being able to connect. I am so ready for ORAS~

    Were's the "+" you're talking about? It should just say "Team Gaara".
    Yeah, I think she just copies off of me, tho~ -_- And it is cool!~ We always get the opposite versions and stuff~ And yeah, we battle from time to time. I also do Wi-Fi, but she doesn't~ Every new game we hide our teams from each other until like the 8th Gym or so, or when they're all evolved (whichever comes first) and then have a battle~ This time, in celebration of Hoenn, we'll do a Double Battle in ORAS~
    Ah i see, my mistake than. Well if your ever for duel and to have good time, my name is Kalid on Dueling Network.

    Oh so Kaen Hosha means flamethrower in Japanese? Interesting, didn't knew that. Good to know, thanks for info man.
    Its pleasure talking to you.
    Hi, this may seem random but are you by any chance interested in Yugioh anime or card game?

    Im asking because your new name seem similar to name from one of online friends i used to play this game on DN. But than again it could be just pure coincidence mixing some things up. :p
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