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  • oh hey long time no see :0 i dont think im gonna use this site anymore, obviously (its been years lmao) but i just wanted to say im alive OwO
    Talking about wix or weebly? Because tha latter definitely isn't bleh or hard imo.
    You are welcome xD
    Don't know about it, weebly is definitely nice though.
    I am sorry, I had to go extra-fast, so I didn't reply in time :/

    Oh, I see you used weebly! It's a cool editor, I used it for a school project recently, quite easy to use.
    You are welcome!
    Indeed xD
    Woah, cool! Made websites? Links, please? (if you are afraid of breaking forum rules, e-mail them instead)
    No problem, just wondering if everything's fine.
    Of course, I had to check your old username but there is no way I would forget you!
    It's been a while, how is it going? I also see new username, cool!
    Thanks, yours is nice too. I guess you are hyped about ORAS and like Mega Swampert?
    Oh hey! Sorry I didn't see this until now... Been a bit busy lately... :sweat:
    In advance thank you!
    I do have an e-mail for Bulbagarden stuff, but I would not just let it out for everyone to see. I will PM it to you.
    Thank you! You are welcome, also! I don't even know what snapchat is, sorry. Oh, sounds really good!
    No, I do have a phone; Samsung Galaxy S IV
    Ouch... will you repair it?
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