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  • Oh sorry. I haven't introduced myself. Yo. I'm DirtyHarty from the usual CAH game nights. I thought you had a pretty good sense of humour so.... yeah. :p
    I tried my link ( but it's still loading. Is it down for you or is it just my connection? [sub]or or is my link wrong?[/sub]
    Huh, I can't remember if I did that or Cap did... I think it was me.
    [sub]okay maybe i'm that old to get the senior citizens discount at restaurants
    Truer words have never been spoken. T_T

    Aw. :3c Thanks for coming back to visit lil ol' me and for the happy birthday wishes. ^^
    [sub]and despite saying "lil ol' me" i ain't that old yet, buddy :u[/sub]
    I should. You and Kihote and romich seem to regularly make treks back over here while I visit once in a blue moon. >>;
    Ya got me there.

    I feel like we've had this conversation way back when in the Pit Stop. xD
    Wasabi anything is gross. :dead:
    it's only a fun fact if you make them explode in the microwave :u

    They're like Kit Kats, only I'd actually want to try all the Kit Kat flavors. xD And same. Fruity flavors don't work with all candies and sweets.
    jo no

    peeps are disgusting D:
    We sell chocolate, watermelon, and... cherry or strawberry chicks year-round. I haven't stocked them in months though. Not sure if it's because people don't know they're there on the top shelf or people don't like them general.

    Also belated congrats on surviving to 22 years of age! :D
    I wish I could get rid of that glitch. xD The picture itself is nice, but it seems like a pain to read text on to me.

    We have these at my work now:
    science has gone too far
    Your space background is lovely. :eek:

    Did you have to deal with a ton of jelly beans and peeps? I hate those things. :dead:

    I still enjoy the spirit of Christmas. Giving to others, spending time with those dear to you, watching classic Christmas movies, etc. It just goes by so much faster once you're older since you got all this stuff to do for school, work, shopping for all the people you need to shop for also because you have a better concept of time.
    That's good to hear. ^^

    Damn, it never got that bad at my place. At least during the first three quarters of the year for prolonged periods of time. (It's pretty hectic around holidays but generally not as bad as the majority of quarter four. Retail has killed part of my enjoyment of Christmas, while another was killed from aging in general.)
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