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  • Haha yeah well even though I don't have a crush or anything, I still get plenty of drama...
    Sweet! I should take up archery again...found out the other day that I'm a natural with darts, though. :p
    Urgh...Slender...I mean, the graphics aren't great or anything, but it still scares the hell out of ya.
    Haha Isn't that always the way...the person you like rarely likes you back. I've kinda resigned myself to being single for a while. heheh...
    Oh jeez, thats the last thing we need! You with more weapons! Hahaha Are you any good with a bow?
    Yeesh...I hate Slender. Played it the other night at a mates place...his sister was watching me play and she screamed louder than I thought humanly possible. In my ear...
    Aw wow, you've got nice relatives, then. Lucky you!
    Haha a few? Man, you're such a player...being all cute and whatnot.
    He yeah! The world won't know what hit them when I'm done teaching their kids...
    I honestly have no clue what I want this year...so its gonna be a surprise! What about you?
    How's the financing going? And boys ey? Got a new one yet then?
    Yeah, university. Imma be a teacher!
    Ah very nice. I'm pretty much doing the same...
    Man, its not like you to let your grades slip...you've always been so prodigious. But I'm sure you'll get that sorted. As for me? Been working a lot...and getting ready for uni next year. What have you got planned for Xmas?
    Sounds like fun!! It's nice to spend Thanksgiving with people you care about :) I got to voice chat with my love for two hours yesterday which made it even better! And I'm not even ready for Christmas! XD!!!
    Haha, I know how that is. I had a friend who I'm working closely with reviving Windows 2000 show up on Skype so I needed to talk to him, but turns out he was sleeping and not actually there. XD
    I did! We got to spend it with some close friends of ours! I made sure I watched what I ate though. XD We should chat on Skype again sometime. I sent you a message the other night but you must've been sleeping or something. I've seen people 'online' before but then turns out they left the computer on and were fast asleep. XD
    Thanks!! I really hope her and I can get married soon too. It's amazing just how strong our love truly is! I love love too! =D
    Are you still going with someone? :eek:
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