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  • U Like MegaAmpharos because I think it is cool Looking Man and I could Use an Ampharos for once because I have NEVER Used 1 before and are they good at all Man?
    I've recently seen a split evolution for Flaaffy that looks more like a sheep than Ampharos does, and i'd like your oppinion on the matter, since I also like Ampharos, but would also want to see a wooly-er looking Flaaffy evo.

    Fakemon: Flaaffy alternate evo by *Sindorman on deviantART
    Lol, Now that most of the important main battling in this show is coming to a close, it does seem like the writers made a concentrated effort to make Ash seem weak. I don't see how people could deny it nowl. He lost 4 tournaments. He lost scatter-brain, who didn't even need his full team to win and lost battles to a new trainer, who for some reason was extremely hard for Ash to beat. Not to mention the last gym was a 6 v 3, and he still barely managed to win. He also regressed in rank.

    Now, I'm not sure the writers did this for shits and giggles, or because they just want to extend Ash journey out even further. But it does seem a bit odd, laughable, and a bit sad. I'm also convinced that Riolu evolving and winning the battle for Kotetsu was supposed to be ironic as well. XD
    Won't you just be glad when this abomination of a saga is over? XD

    Hopefully next saga the writers will go back to things that worked. No more Ash being a dumb-ass, no more random Iris-like development, no more stale and underdeveloped rivalries, and no more excessive captures.
    In hindsight, it really seems the only reason Iris/Cilan are given such powerhouses (Exadrill/Crustle) is to counter-balance how unremarkable their other Pokemon are (including their supposed "signature" Pokemon). They just seem thrown on their teams to keep them viable "threats".
    Y'know I have to wonder how Iris just get's by with Excadrill....by just spamming really strong attacks. It never worked for Ash and his powerhouses, it usually backfired. Yet with Iris, just spamming dig or Drill-liner get's get 99+ wins.

    I'm kinda peeved that they just refuse to let her lose to "normal" people. It's always got be to someone just as hyped, or more than she is. I don't particulary understand all this love for a character who HARDLY EVER BATTLES.
    Part of me wishes that Ash would just show Trip up with his older Pokemon once. At the very least, it would show Trip that Ash can raise extremely powerful Pokemon resulting in Trip taking him more seriously. Paul being better than Ash made sense, considering he went through just as much as Ash did.

    I also don't see how Iris is more qualified as a trainer than Ash does. She trained one Pokemon in a secluded area. Ash has battle much tougher things than she has, and experienced a heck of alot more. He shouldn't be inferior to her, or Trip for that matter. Both just seem forced.

    Really don't understand why Ash was forced into rookie mode just to "justify" a catchphrase, and put him beneath two trainers he should be above.
    I found it interesting that Trip didn't express any interest in battling Cilan in his following episode. However, I guess Adler's presence over-weighted Cilan's presence.

    But yeah, I guess what I mean by special cases...is that Trip ignores Ash in most cases. Iris gave Ash a hard time in the early portions of the series, and they seemed to want to "justify" it with their recent battles with Ash.
    So other than being the "main rival", and "lead female" do you see any reason why the writers felt the need to treat them as "special cases" by not writing Ash, the main character, to be able to defeat them on his first go? Whereas he was successful against other important/recurring characters like Cilan, Bianca, Burgundy, Georgia, and Kenyan?
    Agreed on all accounts.With Iris my main issue is that she isnt receiving any real development with lot of inconsistencies being present in writing within her storyline.,Cilan isnt faring any better either not being introduced any struggles or pathway through which he would advance his goal of pokemon connoisseur and i feel rivals like Bianca and Trip are going nowhere either.
    Add to that fact how there is little to none continuity being involved within BW saga,older characters being treated like garbage(no need to explain why) along with Ash being toned down more than it was case at start of Sinnoh and its not surprising why so many people complain about current series.Compared to Bw,in DP at least we received some brilliant development with rivals,Ash and its characters.Well not all,poor Brock ended up receiving short end of stick.

    Only thing worth watching for me in BW is group chemistry with Ash,Cilan and Iris working well as group having that feel of friendship which i didnt experienced since original trio in Kanto and to lesser extent in Johto(they had some notable moments there among all those pointless fillers).

    That and Team Rocket,being refreshing to see Jessie,James and Meowth being more competent and serious for a change having actual relevance to anime plot instead of being treated like punching bags and comic relief.
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