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  • About your Ash/N corner group: The social group staff saw the thread you made in Shippers' Paradise was getting more activity than it, so we decide it was best to close the group and keep the discussion going where it already had a base, rather than potentially splitting it between the two. Sorry for any inconvenience.
    Hi i saw your post regarding 6th gen and just like you i hope Cilan will stay. Hes fun and never got enough development deserving to stay for abit longer imo.

    Iris on other hand will most likely leave because i doubt writers will create sequel to her dragon story just so she could stay, following usual girl leaving pattern. Well at least here's hoping she will get proper closure. Some weren't that lucky, like Misty and Max never getting ending to their stories.
    Here is a fun pokemon forum you may like. Ever Grande City Forums - Powered by vBulletin
    Oh yeah, would you like to be friends? Need some over here. >.>

    And is that the stretching pirate guy, Luffy? In your avatar. I got back into One Piece, actually I only watched 10-13 episodes of the 4 Kids dub at the time. Now I watch the Sub after years since this really nice and cool person online convinced me.
    Hi! I saw your post on the Pearlshipping thread and noticed your an Ash fan, so I just thought I'd drop by and say hi. So yeah... Hi!~ XD
    When you look at a year in terms of days/hours/seconds/etc it seems longer, should I have written it like that instead? xP
    No the images in my signature don't show up for me either, time for an update I guess. Gonna use some Pearlshipping screen caps from Best Wishes 2 now, Meloetta/Ashness too as I now ship them :p
    I also ship a new pairing, however its from Legend of Korra and I'm trying to decide to put some of that in my sigature as well.
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