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  • Oi beetch. You seem to be still (somewhat) around. Drop me a line at some point, will ya? I still try to pop on every month or so. I finally joined that discord thing you mentioned at some point. Not really sure how to maneuver around it or anything, but I'm on it
    Oi beech, I see you couldn't resist the joys of pogeymans either ;)

    Hurry up and get back on here so you can give me version exclusives and I can beat you up in smash b4 my sweet, free nso expires
    How DARE you!! These forums are quite simply the best and contain a substantial part of your boring life :p

    Nope. Paladins & Smash are still the only multiplayer games I own, the other 3 are all single player. Bought 2 of those NSO vouchers tho so might use them to get something soon.
    But why is it "sooo good?" :p Explain!

    I can get 2 games with the vouchers but right now my eyes are on 3 houses/Astral Chain/ Pokemon. Tell me why FE deserves one of the spots!
    I've never heard of Astral Chain, and I would suggest waiting on Pokémon given all the shit its getting at the moment. FEH has:

    • Great gameplay
    • Great music
    • Great voice acting
    • 3 plots to go through (I've only just finished one of them but it was great)
    • Husbandos and waifus
    Meh, Pokemon is pretty much a given for me either way, idc about the whiny fans tbh. Since I haven't played a main series game in so long I'm sure everything will seem fresh and shiny to me.

    That last point reverses the other 4.. seems like a pretty long, dragged out game tbh with the whole multiple path shit. I'm still undecided but the gameplay of astral chain seems more interesting for now.
    Ew, but you're supposed to stay on bmgf forever!!

    Also the only reason I have NSO is because of the free year through twitch prime thing. is still cheap af
    LOL! Of course I did, I was like 11 and the games looked so fancy and shiny after Gen I & II.
    But Gen III nearly killed the franchise!
    Maybe it did for me and that why I cba to play any games since!
    Gasp, you like the fire starter best?!? I would've never expected that in a million years:rolleyes::p . Idk, the last generation i properly played through was RSE, so that alone might make lots of things feel new & different to me. But I'll wait and see if I actually get excited. * Is cheap af *
    You know nothing of my smashing wants! I'll probably cave and buy it once busy season at work dies down.

    Aren't you supposed to be a gym rat now? No time for games for you!
    I'm actually a cheap bitch that hasn't bought NSO, believe it or not. D: Still on the fence even though I'd like to play online. End up stuck with Paladins because its F2P lol
    I'll settle for using Shulk in Smash on the XC stage.

    I wouldn't recommend BotW to you either way. It's an excellent game, but very different from its predecessors, so having it as an intro to the series would probably be misleading. Plus I get a vibe from you that says "I'm bad at solving puzzles" ;)
    Eh, my savings are good, but only Odyssey & the upcoming Smash 5 are of interest right now. XC never caught my interest and it cant justify buying MK8 or BoTW again. Pretty sure I would drop a bucket of money on the KH collection if it were to ever drop though. Been eyeing Hollow Knight as well, but skeptical. I should stop judging games,Paladins is actually fun and its not a genre I'd ever pay attention to!
    Just in time for smash :p Honestly that was my plan too, but were getting an additional tax on online purchases over here starting October so after switching between getting it and not, I decided to get now. (Definitely no to buying it locally, consoles here are ridiculously overpriced). Maybe I'll get Odyssey sometime between now and vacation next month, but for now I'll be cheap and mess around on Paladins.
    I'd actually be fine with that! Though with every past smash fighter ever returning, the list of new characters to get in will be pretty short. What games have you been playing on it? All I have is Paladins because it was free lmao
    So I caved and bought a switch *loathes self*

    Now to patiently wait for Smash and to dream of KH for switch... If Sora somehow makes into Smash, it's all over - life is complete and the world can end right there and then.
    No, you cow! You're supposed to tell me I shouldn't spend my money on one at at all.
    Also, I have never had interest in the FE series - not even slightly!
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