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  • Hi!

    Would you like to exchange Friend Codes with me? My Safari contains Dunsparce, Loudred and Eevee.
    FC: 5129-1818-1415
    Name: Hooiberg / IGN: Thomas

    Thanks in advance!
    Hey man, I added your FC. Hope that's alright. Mine is 5086-2155-5524. I have a water safari with Bibarel, Wartortle, and Frogadier. :)
    I'd like to add you.
    I have already added you.
    My Fc is 1590-5797-6050 and my safari is Steel with Ferroseed, Skarmory, and Excadrill. Thanks!
    hey sorry I haven't kept in contact but I lost all my data and just got my new cartridge from nintendo. but if you could do me a favor I'm was going to take my time re breeding my team but the global link just announced their competition. so i want to test them as i finish would you be up to a few 1 on 6 battles to show me how well my new pokemon will hold up on their own.
    Thats all right, I was just no-lifing Halo 4 fer the past week anyway, and I have been getting more work of late so I'm not on a lot anyway. Wednesday afternoons work best fer me though.
    Hello, unfortunately I won't be able to be online at 8pm today, but I will be able to be on tomorrow and most other days of the week at that time. Also 7pm or 9pm might be better for me since 8pm is usually lunch for me over here.
    Okay. I also have every starter, and Koffing, Frillish, Meowth, Cottonee, Misdreavus, Tynamo, Darumaka, Yamask and Porygon. So I almost have every nonLegendary PokeBank Pokemon. None have their Hidden Ability and none are IV bred. Though I do wish I had Iron Fist Chimchar. So any of these that you're interested in?
    I'm sure you'll see my post in B.A.B.A. But I managed to get a Porygon off the gts. I'm breeding a bunch and using it as trade fodder to try to get other PokeBank stuff off the gts. If you happen to have any PokeBank stuff and want one let me know what you have. Actually I'd even give you one for that Starf Berry you've been holding for me. But yea let me know.
    Hey bald accountant sorry I couldn't get on at the right time yesterday. I'll be on at 9-10 pm your time (I think today for you but tomorrow for me!)
    I'd like the Starf and Lansat berries. I have several IV bred pokes as well as a 3IV ditto and both the Kee and Maranga berries.
    May I please ask for a Slowking(if you have it) or Aron to be holding the berries when you trade them to me?

    My FC is 4725 8612 4948.
    Hey thanks! I already have you registered for Friend Safari. My trainer name is Ash (it's hard to think of a name when I share the game with my younger bro). Hopefully I've calculated the time zone difference correctly so that I'll be on when you are!
    i see. well let me know what's your in game name so when i see you online i can request a trade
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