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  • hi !!
    i have a psychic type safari with abra,espurr and girafarig
    my fc 4270-2482-7129 ign steve
    would you be interested to add me?
    Hey next time you're online could you VM me so we can schedule getting online at the same time on XY so that our Friend Safari's can update to give us access to each others 3rd Pokemon. I really need to get an HA Excadrill at some point this weekend.
    Hiya Alec! Just wanted to inquire if I may be able to add you for Friend Safari?

    My FC is 0275 8876 6968 . I'll happily add you back! My Safari type is Water (Krabby, Gyrados, and the third escapes me atm).

    Just lemme know! ^_^
    I actually just got the Unburden Treecko but im glad to say that Quick Feet evolves into Speed Boost so you have his HA >.> Is there anything you want for it?
    Hey I have a Normal Friend safari my pokemon are Teddiursa, Loudred and Chansey My friend code is 1349-5405-7196. Please Add me I have already added you
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