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  • I already added you, but I would like to ask for us to come online at the same time as to unlock Chansey in you FS. What time would be good for you?
    Hey there Barno, just the other day I came across the thread that held FC's and I of course saw yours, I've added you and hope you could do the same in return if possible. It would be much appreciated man. My FC is 2122-7457-5784, thanks ahead of time Barno.

    Hello I saw that you had a Chansey safari and was wondering if you would add me. I have steel with ferroseed, fortress and bronzong. My friend code is 2895-7052-1642. Thanks! =D
    Hello there,

    I just finished the main adventure in Pokemon Y and would really need some help to register some FCs in order to unlock the various types in the Friend Safari. Please let me know if you could add me. Your help will be much appreciated. My FC is 3024 6118 1428. Will check back later. Thank You ;)

    Hi! Came across your FC and added you. Hope you dont mind. My FC is 1203-9268-8687 but dont know what my safari is. Cheers
    Certainly, sir. I apologize for taking so long, but I haven't been on the forum for a while.You have been added.
    Hey Barno, came across your FC and hope you don't mind but I added you. I don't know my own Safari yet, hoping someone can tell me. If you could, please let me know and add me. FC: 2406-5360-3939.
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