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  • Hey again! Just noticed you tried to message me on 14th March, but I also didn't notice that my inbox was full! Oops! Please get back to me when you can. :)
    Hey I have a Normal Friend safari my pokemon are Teddiursa, Loudred and Chansey My friend code is 1349-5405-7196. Please Add me I have already added you
    Hi! I'll try to be on at that time. It requires me to set my alarm for something like 1am... but I can do it. Edit: Maybe we can arrange a time. Please contact me ahead of time when you're going to be on.
    My username is slightly inspired by the Beatles, yes. But I'm not a big fan or anything.
    Hey VeggiePopper, came across your FC and hope you don't mind but I added you. I don't know my own Safari yet, hoping someone can tell me. If you could, please let me know and add me. FC: 2406-5360-3939.
    Sorry for the randomness of this VM, but would you like your avvy to be transparent? (i.e. without the white background.)
    Yep, thanks! Sent my reply back as well. Not the best observations I've ever made so hopefully you can debunk those too. :p
    Wow...that's fascinating information :D Thanks for sharing it with me! It's amazing how much controversy exists when an anime is dubbed, no matter what country. Ever heard of the series Mermaid Melody? It's a show loaded with insert songs. In Italy the dub re-composed all the music, which was the biggest part of the show in Japan. Sometimes I think these dubbing companies have stupid juice in their brains. They don't respect the original product at all; they just interpret the way they see fit.

    Yukio Mishima's works seem interesting. I'll have to give them a look sometime. Ever heard of Miyuki Miyabe? Check out her works. They're da bomb. And I subscribed to your youtube channel ^^ Oh and for my stuff I meant the credits are always in the video description - click the "show more" button under the videos. My bad! I voiced the little sister Kagome in that fandub.
    No I haven't o.o Are his works good? Which ones would you recommend?

    And ohhh, really? Wow. In a sense your lucky you get a consistent dub. No wonder you wouldn't be involved in that argument. How is it controversial? : O

    WOWWWWW you like voice acting too? Omg xD Do you have a youtube? I doubt you suck. I can be the judge of that. As far as music goes, I don't write the music, I just write lyrics xD; I'm a writer, or moreso a translator. I love creating english adaptations for Japanese anime. And my fandubs in the video description feature a castlist of who played who. If you've seen the anime the characters should be familiar to you. And if you want to see a demo of my work, check out my visual reel in the "random" playlists of mine. My best characters I've voiced are Louise (Zero no Tsukaima), Mitsuki (Full Moon o Sagashite), Matsuri (Sola) and several others. I do shy characters to tsunderes to little girls...you name it. Just can't do boys or older women. What about you?
    Oh my gosh Pokemon Special is AWESOME. Greatest piece of Japanese literature on the market. (Lol, I'm silly). For the documentaries, watch the documentaries on the first five pokemon movies. They are very fascinating as to how the localization was created, as well as interviews with the english 4kids voice actings. It's fascinating. John Ledford leads them. I too wish the anime was based on the manga, because it is FAR superior.
    I'm the same with everything you said - been a lover of pokemon since day 1. I enjoy the games and the manga much more than the anime. I too am a curious lady. Lol I love listening to the documentaries on all the Pokemon movies. And thanks! I know I will.
    I'm doing swell ^ ^ Loving pokemon lol. I just joined here and I gotta say I'm loving it. How are you? You seem like you quite knowledgeable about stuff.
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