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  • I don't have finals at this time in Malta but when I got the game I had like 5 days off school. I've taken my pace just trying to catch all the Pokemon during my journey, DexNav is such an incredible feature it just takes me 3 minutes to find and catch new Pokemon I haven't caught yet in area. I'm not thinking of completing all of it, just enough so it wouldn't take me too long to finish it when I beat it. I downloaded six Secret Bases with just 3 Blissey each and that made training and evolving Pokemon SO MUCH easier. It's Swampert, Blaziken, Shiftry, the Shiny Metagross, Salamence (late comer, still a Shelgon) and Armaldo, who bar from Shelgon are around their 53s.
    Haha that's great, I wasn't sure about that but I'm glad it works that you can access the two evolutions in the middle of the journey! Right now I'm just completing my national dex before facing the league for the first time and go through Victory Road, my team is around level 53 and my national dex has around 500 registered Pokemon thanks to Pokebank.
    This is really late to tell you, but did you try evolving your Magneton by just giving it a Rare Candy outside the gate of New Mauville? So you'd still be in it but not in the facility? You'd have been able to evolve him as soon as you got Surf if you did just that. Not sure if there were random encounters there, but I doubt it.
    Sorry for not believing you. I could see how desperate you were, and I totally misread you. Apologies if I offended you in any way.
    I actually am going to look into the mobile version and see how it works, but usually it tends to be crap on anything other than a computer.

    And that's a good idea. I might have something to say too once I look at some player interactions.
    Ah no :-/ I know it's a lot easier to talk on Skype. My computer is shot, and it rarely works. Most of the time I'm on a tablet or on someone elses computer on Bulba.

    If you guys want to talk the best way is QT, sorry for the inconvenience. I worked something out with my parents but I won't be able to afford a computer till the Holidays.
    Sorry for the late reply, I was busy, but thanks~ I'll send a contact request, then. My Skype name would be Ben (bit of an extended tale).
    Eh, stuff like that happen. I wouldn't be able to help much until you were dead, though. Good point... you died early, I was rolecopped early. Unfortunately the mafia got us easily. Good game indeed.
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