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  • Hey Claire, I was wondering if you would be up for co-hosting the Sockpuppet Mafia. Hayley is busy/bad time, and last time they kinda wanted a mod "behind the scenes," so you got next. It wouldn't involve much, though if you could do flavor text for things that's one area I'm terrible at...Anywho, if not it's fine, just wanted to ask : )
    Oh, that was my idea. I haven't really put much thought into it, tbh. I just thought it might raise the awareness that the War Room is still alive and kickin'.
    Hey, I have an idea; did you ever think about doing some sort of Mafia mentorship program to bring The War Room back to it's original glory?
    I'm alright I guess, life's just a little slow atm. I've been pretty ill for the last few weeks so mostly been housebound :( Seem to be almost better now at least!

    How's teaching treating you? Ready to pull your hair out yet :p
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