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  • Hey thanks for answering my question - I thought I was going crazy o_O
    My Delcatty does indeed have Normalize as her Ability and I cannot believe that I did not even know that or even think of it... I had actually just presumed she had Cute Charm because I don't recall ever encountering any wild Pokémon that were female while she was at the lead of my party... just goes to show, huh.
    Anyways, once again - thanks a bunch <3
    I take it from your avatar that you're a fan of Doctor Who.
    Hell, The Name of the Doctor was incredible. I don't think I'll make it to November 23...
    Wow, I was wrong, I had seen them twice before, you were one of the people who helped me figure out how Youngster Janus worked!
    lol. I had only seen your edits once before on bulbapedia, and all of a sudden 6 edits at the same time...
    Are you really such a literalist? The way you "like" people's posts just tells me so... :)
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