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  • Pokéball? Errrrrrrrr I dunno, what would fit Mega Abomasnow best? There's no green/white combination so Premier Ball would be the most fitting choice. If this isn't possible, Moon Ball (everyone likes the Moon Ball)? And if both of those aren't possible or are a tremendous slog then just a regular 'ball will do, thanks.
    Cool beans. If it's possible to keep the Snover in the egg for trading that would be mega. It's not needed though, just a nice extra if possible.
    Everything okay? You've gone offline, and I'm not sure what your timezone is so I don't know if you've just had to go.

    I'm more than fine with trading another time if you're busy, or waiting for you tonight (I can stay online for 4 more hours tonight if necessary).
    No, that was about 30 minutes early. But now is a good time. Look out for me, IGN Jay.
    Apologies, I should have told you this is my busiest day of the week ....

    I'm GMT, and I can trade in my evenings (7pm-12am). I can stretch that on the weekends, usually I'm free to trade pretty much anytime on weekends if I have prior notice.
    Oh no, copy it completely if you'd like haha (I kind of based it off someone else). I feel kind of flattered you based it off of mine haha. I just PMed you though oops.
    Lazer Bear and the flying purple (or was it pink?) hippo were my favourites. Lazer Bear for its hilariously powerful abilities and the flying pink hippo for confusing even the information page.
    Coolio I'll get on that then--it'll take some time to complete, I'm in my last term of college, but it will get done.
    Oh dear godiva. I'm sorry that I never saw and responded to your question here almost a year ago. So sorry. Yes, I do have the ability to draw Ivysaur and Eevee in the same fashion. Or similar to (time has passed and new techniques have been learned). If it's still something you're interested in having me do, just let me know. You can check out my dA gallery and decide if that's still something you want.
    Sorry for the wait, was in the middle of a Restaurant challenge when I got the request. :p But anyway, hope you like the Charmeleon. :)
    That's good. x) I planned on starting a shop myself since breeding is easier.
    Eheh name changes usually throw me off. But it's nice to see you still trade. x)
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