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  • it happens, no worries, we can try again next weekend, it all depends on how busy my evening is going if I log on at night, but I did just get a new comp, so posting to board when ready to trade will be much easier.
    I heard that Julia Gillard stated she won't change her mind on marriage equality, despite the recent victory in New Zealand. Sorry about your shit Prime Minister. But you're always welcome over here. :)
    Well, it depends. A lot of people will tell you the RH versions are worth more than the regular holos. RH c/u are definitely worth more than non-RH c/u. However, a lot of people prefer the regular holo versions, for a variety of reasons. So the answer would be that it depends on the buyer, but they're generally about the same.
    Yeah. I don't get how people say she can't sing when she's got all these performances. Tell any Britney, Rihanna, Katy fan that Gaga does have talent xD

    Funnily enough I hate The Queen. I think Gaga was lazy there and slapped bits together to make a song. That's like the first time I'm disappointed with her.

    SCHEISSE rocks! (If you don't have the german b its double ss)! It's easily one of my favs. I love both the fashion songs. Judas is awesome. Hair I think is better when she does it acoustic. I also love Bloody Mary xD

    Here's a link to Hair performed acoustically;
    ‪Lady Gaga - Hair on Taratata‬‏ - YouTube
    Watch this too, the end moments made me tear up because it was just so moving

    ‪HOWARD STERN: Lady Gaga's solo piano performance of "The Edge Of Glory" on Howard Stern Show‬‏ - YouTube
    Don't listen to them 30 second previews xD Go on youtube or music channels if you haven't heard it

    And yes, your wayyy to slow.

    AND IT IS SO AMAZING. Unfortunately it was Gaga's first flop (ish) but it is good by normal standards. I'm just a holy fool, Oh baby it's so cruel, But I'm still in lvoe with Judas baby
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