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  • Are you going to have Alison enter the contest in Jubilife (which I will start in probably about 2 posts)?
    haha it's no problem :)

    Plus I feel like a major reason for that was the forums being down for a lot the last couple of days. Also I know haze is on vacation for a few more days.
    I like YG too, but I've always been an SM person as well. They introduced me to K-pop.

    Lol. I am sorry. xD
    I'm not really much of an EXO fan myself, but I have always liked Kris and I'm starting to like their more normal music now.

    Haha, that's funny. Does she pester you about it often?
    Thanks for the invite; I'm flattered, haha. That said, my plate's a little full right now & I'm not very active atm, so I'm not looking to join any new rps, but I'll be sure to check it out at least x
    Your reservation in my RPG Return of Team Galactic lasts until one month from today. Sorry I wasn't on for a couple of days!
    actually I used to do academy RPs myself xD you might say I'm the one that started the trend here, but after doing like...a series of 10 of them I got kind of tired with them.
    Well you don't have to worry now that KPTS is up, joe's a pretty good and experienced RPer.
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