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  • I saw it. Wanted to think a bit on it rather than just give a cursory answer. I'll try to reply a little later today. Sorry for keeping you waiting!
    Well I'm seeing that we will never get to a agreement.
    I like the Anime now and I think that the show had worse times. (Johto)
    The Anime isn't going to be cancelled any time soon because... Money
    But well, every one with their opinions, I guess... Better leave at this ;)
    When I saw your profile I saw that you have Asperger Syndrome, so I guess I don't know what to do, maybe some therapy section would help ;)
    It's cool, actually wanted Amy Rose along with Shadow and stuff, until the unthinkable happen. Shadow was comfirmed to be a assist trophy.
    I'm sorry, Kyron, but if you literally refuse to accept that other people will have opinions different to you, and can't at the very least respect that, I can't help you. You're getting angry over nothing but people not agreeing with you, which is something you'll have to face, as not everyone can like or dislike the same thing.
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