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  • Yeah, OS gym battles are horrible. Worse than BW in fact, just I dunno why people doesn't see it. But as I said, I will always think better of it than BW, as its the start and maybe the writers have no sense of directions yet.

    And he continues to say Misty is a good character. Meanwhile complaining about Serena being a girly stereotype. Is Misty any less of a stereotype? She's afraid of bugs. Nuff said. And her goal is so generic and untouched. As you see there are tons of people saying other series are better than XY and I didn't care of them, as everyone has their taste. But he is too clearly fanboying over OS to no end.

    And his examples of OS being more mature, all its just destruction, guns, and some R-15 scenes. Despite I made it clear that violence and sexuality don't make things mature, he is just parroting over and over. I watch tons of shows like Detective Conan, CSI, Hannibal, Sherlock, except Detective Conan which doesn't have sexuality, all others have both. By the end of the day watching them I felt I got knowledge about crime investigations, observing minor details, and understanding humanity. These are the mature stuff for me, not those violence and sexuality. I know one can enjoy those stuffs, although I personally doesn't, but saying those things are mature is way off the hook.
    Haha thanks. I always try to put relevant points when I do write a post. That's why I don't feel that I regret getting that infraction. Atleast I got my point out, and he didn't make up any relevant one.

    This is not the first time I debated against him on the same topic, but he is just reciting the same points that I already answered to over and over. I agree I am a bit angry when I replied to him though, I should have kept my head cool.
    Yeah, I also like how they slept together in the tent and Bonnie was the one to help Serena feel comfy about camping since she was used to Pokemon Centers like back in the beginning of the series where she almost got murdered by that Vespiquen and was happy when a Nurse Joy found her and aided her toward a Pokemon Center, Bonnie definitely brings out the best in Serena's personality a lot of the times for me.
    Oh, I didn't want to talk behind anyone's back or sound like I was, I guess usage of the term "cancerous" was being insensitive, apologies I probably sounds like an ass, I'm used to using overly flowery words thanks to language and English class being on my mind 24/7 ^^;;, I just was asking how much the forums had changed or had they not. I'm totally okay with people not liking what I don't, it's no biggie. I was just a little shocked it seemed relatively unchanged compared to how it was before, I figured once the source of all that negativity/annoyance (BW!/Iris) had ended/left things would have been gone back to their old glory. During early BW and DP for examples, these forums were very glorious and buzzing with activity, it sucks they haven't gone that way again I know garrison-san was focusing on helping them recover ;w; I come in periodically to check if it worked out or what.

    Yes, they're sweet hearts, true and blue. Azaleeshipping ftw
    Oh, yeah, I had forgotten to ask. Hope you don't mind if I do, I hasn't vacated Bulbagarden regularly in going on two years and Iris discussion is pretty lax on both sites I frequent now, she's actually liked/neutral with most people. I noticed in the thread that you mentioned Iris threads/discussions apparently are still very cancerous here, is it really still that bad? I kind of figured it would have cooled off a bit ^^;; Sorry if I'm being a bit invasive as this issue doesn't really pertain to me because I don't post much here. (I chased after Piplup, CommanderPigg, Yoshi-san, and a couple others to Tumblr as stated before.) I'm just a bit curious. I don't really mind it too much.
    Most certainly, are you ready for Attract spam and us to find out that the muscular, badass Hawlucha is really a she-hulk underneath it all ;) But realistically Noibat turning out to be a girl would actually be super cute and nice, plus I love Noivern and the idea of the big softy Goodra being a guy and this huge dragon bat badass being a chick. Like Cynthia's Garchomp-lite, kinda.

    Bonnie will loooooove Axew so much, it won't even be funny. Trust me. Or Fraxure or whatever the heck it is, whatever happens I still want Axew to retain his same endearing personality Fraxure, Axew or Haxorus he'll always be Iris's precious, precocious Dragon toddler. <3
    Yeah, Clemont and Bonnie are my favs too, Serena isn't too bad either. I just don't care much for Showcases as a goal (I would prefer something battle-centric, Battle Chateau with its fashion motif would have fit well into a feasible collection quest-style goal along the same vein as Contest) I really like her redesign and her Pancham is A++.

    Yeah, the Korrina/Lucario arc. was probably my favorite batch of episodes of the whole series, I really really liked it a lot and it made me a full blown super fan of the character, the Mega Evolution specials are fantastic too, again fav episodes of the series.
    Someone who might like BW! and Iris, I thought the last of you (technically "us") had gotten driven off of Bulbagarden to Tumblr + other sites. You're a sight for sore eyes, indeed. n_n

    (Apologies for invading your VMs like this with randomness, I just rarely ever see any unconventional fans on Bulbagarden anymore.)
    I don't know if you saw the apology I made on my blog, but people like what they like and I know I can't change that. I see that now. In addition, I've found my own way to deal with it and not feel depressed anymore. I will make sure something like that won't happen again.
    This is why I hardly talk to anyone. I can't hold a conversation unless I can get in on something. If not, I either shut down or freak out that I'm considered wrong.
    Hi, thanks for accepting to be friends. Nice to see another Misty fan around here, although Iris was cool too.

    Hope we could get to know ourselves better.
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