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  • I know and its flapping wings producing more heat than a Flamethrower/Fire Blast combo? It was cool indeed to watch but a bit too far-fetched if you ask me
    I know for a reason other than rivarly but to fight for something more than that well they aren't even rivals anymore but you know what I mean that their battle will be more intense than the last one, with none of those ridiculous one hit knock outs that happened at the Silver Conference that made the battle too rushed...
    No problem, wish Gary would become Kanto champ, have Ash compete in his home region once again and the two have an epic rematch! And yeah its a good quote to live wish as far as the anime/video games go
    oh, and do you know that your banner would look a LOT better if your centralized it?
    just go edit your sig, select it and click centralize in the help bar
    how to put them in your sig
    1) save them
    2) go to the Quick links in the bar near the place that links to your profile
    3) select change signature
    4) choose browse
    5) select the banner in your saved folder
    6) Click Upload
    7) click Save Signature,
    hope that helped Ya
    Hitmon's weren't interesting. Fossils just never interested me. Also weren't really a big part of the games like the legendaries were. I'm pretty sure one thing every fan might have in common is the desire to capture the legendaries (Especially the version mascots) from the moment they first turn on the game. Gen. 2 delivered on this. Gen. 3 didn't.
    QUOTE]LOL, I think it definitely matters when you're talking about legendaries. Anyways, i'm just mentioning a change that I didn't care for. The Hitmon's and the fossils don't truly matter to me.[/QUOTE]
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