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  • Thank you,thats really nice from you.Im doing fine,hope everything is ok with you too and Happy Holidays as well.

    Its been a long time,hehe.
    I did not see Corpse Bride. 2011 was okay, some good times, some bad times, like all years. Being a mod is fun, I like it.
    Oh, I don't know if you've heard but Brandy's been hard at work on her next album...She's been pretty busy too...In the past two months she's been overseas in South Africa for performances.

    Her acting career has been revived!! She had a re-curring role on Lifetime's "Drop Dead Diva" which was re-newed for another season. She's a producer for the Hub channel's "Majors & Minors" following the development of 12 aspiring kids aiming for a recording contract with RCA records. She also has a re-curring role on 9020 as well. She will also be on the new season of BET's "The Game" and she just scored her first film role in over a decade in Tyler Perry's film "The Marriage Counselor" also starring Lance Gross, Vanessa Williams, and Kim Kardashian.

    In the past two weeks, she's been working with a variety of music producers, one of which being Sean Garrett, who will help Brandy go back to her roots all while making a album with an R&B core, also having somewhat of a futuristic feel to it. If we're lucky, we can hopefully get a new Brandy single by December. Her new album is coming out next year. I'm so happy for her, I can't wait to buy the single and the album etc etc...2012 looks like a promising year for her...I just wanted to let you any possibly any other Starz on Bulbagarden know!!
    Aww thank you,thats really nice to hear from you.Nah no need to apologize,i just missed you.Nowdays forums turn out in wasteland and most people i knew left but im glad i still see some older faces from time to time.

    About defending Misty,well you see since i decided to stay it can be pretty tiring to read on daily basis some comments about her character which are complete nonsense not being true at all and since i dont agree with it is one of reasons why i tend to defend her.

    It seems how character fans come and go but haters always stay and never change of course.
    I kinda want to see it too, because my sis is a big DC fan, but I'm afraid that I wouldn't understand it XD Goin' well. My classes are of moderate difficulty, but plentiful homework. Joinin' some clubs this year, awkwardly trying to socialize with new people...You?
    You're the third person I know who's a summer camp counselor XD I don't even know where to apply for a job here :p Ehhhhh....the tournament is kinda blah for me, sorry XD If the most exciting thing in it is a character of the day for me, something's wrong...
    I'm a camp counselor too! It's a lot of fun. Camp just ended yesterday though. I'm going to miss the kids.
    Cascada, you changed your username :O
    Well, I'd hope that you'd have graduated by NOW, haha, congrats! I've been well; the summer's pretty lazy and uneventful, but that's the way I like it. I've been swamped with art requests as of late though, so those should keep me occupied. How 'bout you?
    You're welcome lol. I'm good! Thanks for asking. Glad it's summer.
    Long time, no see! How are you?
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