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  • Could you summarize these two interviews with Satoshi Tajiri? They're from 2004, and one of them obviously pertains to Red and Green and their remakes. I'm mostly interested to know if Tajiri alludes to the reason he stopped directing the games.
    How does the Entree Forest work in B2W2? I assume that overworld sprites are somehow not used (at least not for most of the Generation V critters), but there is no information about this anywhere.
    I get the feeling that Iris would be far more frustrated than happy if the player actually wanted to replace her as the Champion.
    How random. She could have expressed a similar philosophy by referencing the myths of her own region, or even Unova's. I guess that Game Freak don't have any plans of showcasing the Dragon Village anytime soon.

    What does Iris say at the league?
    100 pages about the post-game content, leaving 490 pages for everything else? Maybe there is a walkthrough for the prequels, too. :-/
    The Overlap website has a document with a few pages from the book, but I can't download it for some reason. Could you give it a look? There might be a table of contents.
    Junichi Masuda and Takao Unno are going to meet fans to answer questions about B2W2's development and showcase (more?) concept art. They're lucky I can't go. The participants will be determined by a lottery system, which I find silly.
    I certainly hope that the Characters Chapter isn't just limited to concept art. But who am I kidding at this point...

    I recall reading an interview that explained the advantage of infrared, but I can't find it. Why are infrared battles supposedly faster if the actual process is run over local Wi-Fi?
    I misread and thought that you were saying that particular book revealed Professor Juniper's first name.

    There should be something worthwhile in the new guidebook if there is an entire chapter about the characters. I still don't see how the contents fill up 592 pages, though.
    Special Secrets Book for BW? I don't remember hearing about it and I don't think it's listed on the official website. I thought that the B2W2 Complete Story guidebook was unprecedented.

    So it's probably this one, but isn't it called the Black & White Multiplayer Strategy Guide? That I remember seeing on the official website, but did it actually reveal facts about the characters?
    Scans of the guidebook should be easy to find, right? AAPF might not necessarily upload them, though.
    Yes, but he never told the player that when N wasn't around, and he certainly didn't try to confuse the player with such a statement. He just blurted it out when he was angry at N, and if you think about it, he actually implied that N wasn't really his son. I am not sure what he said in Japanese, but "After all of that, do you think you're still worthy of sharing the name Harmonia with me?" is pretty telling.

    I was somewhat wrong about the perfection part: "What?! I created Team Plasma with my own hands. I'm absolutely perfect! I AM PERFECTION! I am the perfect ruler of a perfect new world!" But that's all he said. It strikes me as megalomania more than actual perfectionism.
    "Before the final battle (in a place without N), he proclaims to the Hero that he is N's father."
    "G-Cis keeps his ambition and desire for perfection."

    Those things must have been taken out. He never told the player that he was N's father, nor did he mention striving for perfection.

    It is a weird coincidence that I stumbled upon this today (although I had seen it before) and used it as reference just minutes ago before reading your VM.
    There's a house in Opelucid City just north of the Pokémon Center. In the prequels, there was an event there revolving a time machine, which required trading a Pokémon from another version. In B2W2, I know that the relevant characters are gone, but the machine is still there. Could you check what the new dialogue is about?

    Generally speaking, just how many of the NPCs have been removed? Just the interesting ones?
    Yes, this possibility has just dawned on me. There is no excuse for such sloppy writing from a native speaker. What a shame.

    It's interesting that the first line was paraphrased very closely in Crystal, which was released a few months after the movie. I suspect that Game Freak wrote all of that, but then someone had the clever idea to butcher the meaning.
    I don't suppose you have access to the Japanese version of Movie 3, do you? I'm interested in a more reliable translation of the original version of this report. The wild animal part is very weird.
    Oh; I don't know why I assumed they were both male. I've got to wonder why Game Freak didn't use Tabitha and Shelly (the admins).
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