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  • Hey man! I still sort of am but I'm rarely around much. I thought about bulba tonight and figured I might try logging in a bit more though. How've you been?
    It's alright, people change. Some things that used to piss me off easily a couple of years ago, I don't even care much about now xD
    Oh awesome! I'm interested in music production too! Even though I'm no good :-( I do maths at uni!!

    I literally know nobody! Nobody owns a 3DS either. I actually think it's not too common in Britain, and if you do find people it's all the old stuff, gen 1 and stuff... and i'm not sure about that! I've been posting stuff on forums since 2006... so some pretty old and embracing things! Ah well :p
    I'm doing well. Remember how I left to prepare for an entrance exam? Well, I am 1 year into that course!:-D

    I don't post regularly anymore. It's definitely quieter. Back then you would have 3 to 4 pages of blogs everyday and the social groups were very active. Maybe an announcement of new games will revive the activity?

    Played the gen 6 games?
    Oh of course it is - I just like to moan about how old I'm getting haha... :p And that's cool! What ya thinking of studying?

    Awesome! I wish I had friends who play Pokemon but I really don't know anybody unfortunately! You'd think people at uni would but I've yet to find any... and yeah tell me about it! I really cringe about how I used to talk and act. Obviously it's understandable as it was mostly over 2/3 years ago so I was still kinda young, and it doesn't help the internet pretty much archives everything you've ever said online! D:
    21 in 2 months!! So old :'( Just finished my 3rd year of uni so one more to go. And I didn't really leave as such, but I was very inactive between last spring and only a few weeks ago. I just didn't really have anything to post about as interest had dropped. :(

    Ahh glad to see your year has been good! And that's great! Are you going to school or uni or anything? And kinda... I did play ORAS but never defeated the league. How about you?
    Hello!! I am I guess - I only recently came back!! How's it going? Long long long time no speak!
    Oh my gosh, I was hoping to avoid that. xD. Gwah. That's what I hate about the trading thing. Is that people can hear what you're doing. ;.; I don't like it one bit, because I'm so shy and such. xD.
    And okay, was just making sure, :3
    There. Now you got your magamarizer. ^-^ Enjoy! Do you need to trade your magmar back and forth for it to evolve, or do you got that handled?
    Whoops! I am SO sorry. I've been distracted by VMS from other users and such that I forgot. X_x I'm going now, though. I'll be there. Hehe, sorry...D:
    Yeah you can tell me your friend code then. :3 And SP means Spelling. I didn't know if i had spelled it right. xD.
    And it's okay. x3.
    Hi! Sorry for doing this so late, but here's my Soulsilver friend code, so we can trade for the magmamizer (sp?) :3
    Friend Code: 5372-9362-7860
    And my character name is Drake, just incase you were wondering. ;D
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