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  • Ah, good good. :p

    Ooo, that's gonna be looking pretty nice in the next few months. At least from my perspective when we're knee deep in snow and negative temperatures up here in Cheeseland.
    Forester though, congratulations! 8D
    I like the idea of winter, but not actual winter.. Especially after the holidays haha. Thanks! It's a pretty sweet job some days although we're in the hills now so that makes it kind of difficult o-o I just wish Tallahassee was more like "Sunny, beachy Florida" and less like "deep south scrubby swamp".
    What's up with you, what've you been doing lately? Any new hobbies or music you enjoy? Any other topics I can frantically ask you about? (By the way, 420 character limit, you gotta be kidding me)
    Well now they aren't putting the best product on Monday nights, because going up against Monday Night Football is very rough.

    Let's see. My family has been watching since before I was born, so I've been a fan my whole life. As for favorites, I've always been a Kane, and Undertaker fan like many people. Current guys would be Cesaro, Stardust, and Miz.

    What we've been talking about lately is the new game coming out next week. You get to create someone, and go through a 15 year career making your own choices, and going for what titles you want and such.
    WWE mostly. The network helps. Work with a few wrestling fans actually, and so one will keep me up to date on independent guys.
    Ah Sunny, almost in time to celebrate the anniversary of the last time we VM'd! :D apologies for scaring you away with the walls of text orz

    Could be better, could be worse. How 'bout yourself?
    Don't get me wrong, Green was a fantastic player and leader for the team. He just wasn't as productive these last few years as he was back when he was nominated for the Norris Trophy. And yeah you're right, the Hawks D is still a force to be reckoned with. Oshie has been doing pretty good as far as I can tell. He scored the first goal last game.

    It's so much fun. The energy there is electric. And I think the Caps commentators are some of the best in the league.
    Lol, I was a huge advocate for it. He was my favorite player at one point, but then he started getting penalties by the dozen, getting hurt, and not being productive in general on both sides of the coin. The Caps are solid on defense with the top 4 of Carlson, Orpik, Alzner, and Niskanen; actually now that the Blackhawks lost Johnny Oduya, I'd say the Caps have the best Top-4 in the league.

    Hockey is fun to watch. Have you ever been to an actual game?
    FUCK YEAH!! (*゚ノO゚) ノ

    CHRISTMAS IS BOTH FAST APPROACHING AND SEEMINGLY AGES AWAY [sub]I both love and hate this time of year.[/sub]
    I still need to get my shit together and figure out what I want to do. ._.; But I get discouraged when looking at possible career paths because it seems so far away and unattainable, I don't want to make a choice I regret in five years. ._.

    Yes and no. I'm excited about the remakes, but I won't be really pumped about them until like the week of release.
    Do you have a team picked out already? If the Exp. Share is the same as it was in XY, I'll probably have a team of 13 or so again. But I definitely want Treecko. And Totodile, if ORAS follows XY and Birch ends up giving us a previous gen starter.
    I'd also like to try out Mega Sableye and Mega Gallade. *o*

    Mega Swampert doesn't look bad. 's got that gentle giant deal going on, like Emboar! :D [sub]Still think Mega Sceptile is cooler tho[/sub]

    Arrested Development?

    Oh? :eek:

    XD The FTT is not threatened by hedge clippers, for It is always above their reach.

    If you use freestudios to download the audio and upload it to Myxer you could. Quality might not be the best, but that's how I got my LoZ and SMB ringtones.
    Thanks, Sunny! :D Sucks about your internet issues. :x Respond whenever you're up for it and have the time, since I know I can get a bit long-winded. xD
    Ah, I think see what you mean. The signs of modern society can be seen on quite a few routes due to how interconnected everything is, whereas in past generations it was more just random people on a route?
    You’re lucky it’s not one or there would have been hell to pay. >:1 And same, haha. I’m too much of a chicken to go and find out which type I have.

    Shiny Tyranitar cannot compete with the original color scheme water you thinking Sunny??
    Very! I kind of missed the initial hype because of family and school issues, but I’m excited for another romp through Hoenn. (Especially if I can have a Mega Sceptile with detachable Leaf Blade!Lightsabers. )
    Me too, haha. Damn kids these days and their Super Training and Wonder Trading.

    I'd kill for one of these hoodies. *o*

    Once I get started on work/a project it’s not too bad, it’s the getting started part that’s hard. >>; I’m like a really old train.
    *imagines smiley but then begins to imagine a stir fry* :drool:

    Sweet! I eagerly await them. :9

    FTT = Flying-type Tangrowth. [IMG]
    And as far as I know It is not planning to overthrow your family escape, so all is well! :D

    I’ve never played HotD, but oh man I thought RE was bad. xD Were they on a deadline and needed to get the game out or did they just not care…? I dunno who could okay that acting as anything other than mediocre.
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