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  • I see you logged on at some point last July and corresponded with old friends but not me?! Jerk. :p

    When you drop by in eight months or so and see this, shoot me a message. I'll pop in a few months later, see it, and reply. We'll be like pen-pals!
    Oh yeah, you're that guy. Hardly remember making that message. I haven't been on in a while, the RP section's pretty dead.
    People speak of you as if you were a god. I joined shortly after the start of your absence. Did I miss the awesome reign of Byzantine?
    Holy Shit......I hope youre watching Clone Wars, cause I swear, its very interesting. Next Fridays episode will definatley be something, since there saying Asokha some how turns on Anakin and Obi Won
    Since we haven't spoken in a while, I felt the need to inform you of my name-change (which may or may not be temporary). This is Master Mew. :-D
    Sorry if it seems like Eiji has it out for Gregory, he's just trying to make him, and everyone else, realize how deadly serious the job they're trying to do is. Having a mindset were you disreguard life for the end result could easily make someone make the wrong choice. His point wasn't he was punishing Gregory for believing something, he was punishing him for believing something dangerous. Eiji just takes this dead serious, which akes sense considering the job of a superhero is such a huge responsibility.
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