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  • I know I don't know you and you've just said hi - but it's for that reason I wanted to ask you if everything is okay?

    I jut saw your blog about leaving and felt it strange for you to welcome me but leave at the same time. Don't you want to stay?
    Mentions won't show up on Preview. You'll know you got them right when you actually post. Sadly how it seems to work. :s
    Uhh I have no idea why that's happening. Try asking ScarletSky, Winter Rain, or Yang Xiao Long. I know they're blog mods so they might know more than me.
    I barely have time to LOG INTO Bulbagarden, I sure as hell don't have time to join an RP. I appreciate the invite though.
    Aha, what's up?

    I'd love to join up with you guys. However, I'm in the middle of moving, and the school laptop I've been using all year will be returned tomorrow, and my actual desktop is old and has kicked the bucket. I don't know if I'd be able to be as active as I want to be for another RP or online at all. I'll have to see how things get these coming weeks. Once things clear up, I'll be sure to come along and join. Thanks for the offer though, that's very kind of you. :)
    "like who exactly they are and why they're after the PCs"

    Good question but neither I nor Sid actually knows who they are with certainty.
    There are loads of things that they could be (such as):
    Actors on a Vegas movie shoot
    Random thugs
    Random gangsters
    GPI agents
    Fake GPI agents
    A town like Vegas gives us lots of possibilities!

    As to why they would be targeting club members?
    It could be that they accidently assume that the Paranaturalists club is part of a movie scene.
    It could be that some group wants to kidnap teenagers
    Someone could be trying to give the group help in a secretive way
    Someone could be trying to eliminate the group before the club can get the shard.

    Part of the mystery is that Sid does not know who these people are or what they are up to but then again it is also possible that some of the strangers pose no threat at all.

    Kind of like optional story elements if anybody wants to use them.
    Her mom's name is Lilith. But yeah, I'll wait for someone else to post, then do that.
    Hey bro. I'm going on a vacation for a week so I can't post in the RP for a while. Feel free to control my character yo.

    That's alright. I mean, a dude got a lot to do, right?
    I'd love to help, but I lack the experience. I've never been a co-gm before. Try Agent , he seems good enough, I think.
    Sid can't take all the credit, he would be more like a messenger or paperboy than a teacher. I imagine that the special card would have most of the power.
    Woooh LOL, sounds like a lot of stuff went down already. XD I'll take a look at it, it sounds fun!

    And yeah, that's exactly what people say about fencing. Takes a lot of mind skill to do it. And I don't play professionally, but I play basketball and tennis mostly. Though I suck at tennis... XD
    Sounds complicated. What about all of that ancient background stuff is true and when Sid comes across the atlantis language lines it triggers something? But what it triggers is for Sid to want to draw a card from his deck. (almost like he is possessed but a lot more like Sid chooses to allow his body to be borrowed for a few seconds)

    This temporary "link" then enables Sid to grab a card that he has never seen before. Similar to what we could find in a box of cereal, the special card could actually be a decoder of sorts which can be passed around club members when needed to translate any strange text. It could even be part of the story for the decoder card to get lost and need to be found again.

    How's that?
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