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  • I also hear it's fairly difficult. Not that I think said difficulty would bug me.
    Don't have a Wii U though. Might not get one for a while.
    It seems like an interesting series of games. I don't exactly pick up games for anything more than entertainment/escapism though.
    You can't really trust the reviews of Destiny. A big part of it's poor ratings is over-hyping. People expected it to be this revolutionary game, so when it turned out to be a "good FPS MMO" it got bad reviews. Everyone I know has enjoyed it, I enjoyed it, and you may too. It feels like a Halo MMO when I played it, though it may just be the health bar/space thing.

    But if your going to get it, it has to be next-gen. The current gen consoles have had a plethora of issues.
    I see. Sounds good, but dunno why you dun wanna go.

    Anyways, I have to go for a little while. See you!
    Yep, I guess. No problem, hope you had lots of fun playing all that stuff! xD

    Indeed I couldn't. Thanks, it was great! How are you doing lately?
    All right, I'll keep that in mind. Thank you for the response, and I'll let accept you in just a moment.
    This is a little bit late, but I noticed you want to join The Wash. Before letting people join, I usually ask a couple of questions to make sure they're in the right mindset.

    1. Why are you interested in joining The Wash?

    2. Will you be active and regularly participate in conversation?

    Please ask any questions if you have them. Thank you.
    You are welcome! Any cool stuff for the birthday?
    I'm fine as well, just not posting too much here these days xD I am mostly watching anime like crazy. Yeah.
    Hello, friendado! It's been a while! Happado birthdaydado! How are you doingdado?
    Ah. Well, could you tell me when you do beat the E4? I actually happen to really like that safari, and I'd be curious to find the third Pokémon.
    Well, I need you to register my code first before I can see your Safari. Also, if you can be online in XY right now, that'd be great, because if you beat the Elite Four, I can see your third Safari Pokémon.
    My FC is 4554-0298-0399.
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