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  • Thanks!! I'm pretty happy too. I don't even know if you met her, it's eevee91. She's a member on here and that's how we met. But I went and met her back in June and she's a real sweetheart! I'm glad you get to rest a bit. I wish I had that pleasure but lately I've been so busy I have no time for anything and days go by so quickly that I don't even know what day it is anymore. But I have been doing a lot but I'm not getting the stuff done that really needs to be done before winter hits again. I mean I know that's a long way off but it sneaks up so fast anymore these days. I'm trying to get a new and better job but that's not happening much either.
    Hey Char, guess what? I'm engaged! I met my love and she's wonderful! How are you doing?
    Hi Char!!!!! *glomps back* :D
    I hope you had a good Christmas too!!!! And Happy New Year! I know it'll be awesome as long as I have my sweet fiancée! <3
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