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  • Hey Char, I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving/Turkey day (or what you celebrate on this day). :) *hugs*
    Awwww, thanks Char!! *hugs* <3 And that's so great!! I wish you the best of luck! You deserve happiness too! :D

    I'd love for you to meet her too, she's very nice and sweet and you two would get along really well. :D
    Thanks Char!!! I'm happy for once in my life too!!! I never knew what real happiness was like until now, both my fiancée and I are so much in love, it's the greatest thing ever!! <3333

    I'm so glad to hear that!! We'll have to catch up on Skype sometime! Maybe I'll introduce you to my fiancée, you'll really like her, she's so nice and sweet. <3
    Char!!!!!!!!! *glomps!!* Hi!!!!!!! :D

    I'm super fantastic right now!!!! I just got off the phone with my fiancée!! Today is the first time we voice chatted without using Skype, but the actual telephone! My heart is racing I'm so happy! How are you? :D
    Thanks!!! Yep, I'm so happy and so is she! The marriage won't take place for a few more years yet but it's happening! My fiancée is the most wonderful person ever and it's amazing how happy someone can make you. I know I've never been this happy in my life! :D Anyway, I hope you've been doing good too! ^_^
    Oh no! Bees!!! We need to make them into pies again. There's enough to go around!
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