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  • Why do you have over 6,000 messages, over 100 points, and 5 reaction score?
    I have a little over 300 messages, 11 points, and 72 reaction score.
    Their last post on the main boards was in 2014; the reaction system wasn't always here so people can have a ton of posts with almost no reaction score if they stopped posting before it was added.
    I recall at least two likes/reactions wipes.
    Trying to enjoy it as well, but I just have so many things to do.

    Just wait, it'll get darker xD What part of the show are you currently on?
    Hey haven't seen you in a while! How have you been?

    But remember it's a Japanese franchise and Japan's idea of what's appropriate for children is entirely different. Yugioh 5Ds was even worse in that regard.
    Well there's never a bad time to get into Yugioh. I agree. I liked the character development that Season 3 brought. Jaden's transformation was particularly touching.
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