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  • Something i realized today and that's that Black and White 2 is 10 years old this year. XY is 9. ORAS is 8. Sun and Moon is 6. I was an early adult when the first game i mentioned came out.

    I ask where did the time go but i also say that a lot actually happened. Got my first job (of four so far), got my driver license, my own car and many other things.

    This feeling of asking where has the time gone but also being aware of how much happened is weird. I guess this is getting older.
    I feel ya. I was a teenager when those games came out but nothing makes me feel older than when someone old enough to be a valid part of internet discussions says anything post-DS was their first game. Time is a weird thing.
    Hello!! Yeah omg!! It really has been such a long time. Somehow i drifted away from this forum but the new games games compelled me to remember my password. How have you been?
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    Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    Are you excited about the extensions?
    They get a big shrug from me. It's cool that older pokemon are being put in the game, but so far it looks to be just meh in terms of content.
    Yeah I get what you mean there. Whenever I have a bunch of team options, I like to give them all a try at least once (same with Pokemon as well). Even if that means restarting the game/doing another playthrough with characters/classes I've never used before. It adds to the fun of the RPG for me.

    Ah well. To each their own; everyone should respect each other's opinions, whether it comes to games or anything. At least you still love the Final Fantasy series overall, and that makes you a cool guy in my book :)

    Haha believe me, that's what I thought at first as well, when I heard about the concept. But I decided to give it a shot anyway, and I love the unique take it has on the FF-RPG style, while adding a new element of magic to it. The plot is getting pretty complicated I agree, but to be honest I've seen worse. There's tons of videos that can help you piece together and/or get caught up with the whole story if anyone needs it. Or you can just settle for the long and more fun way of fully immersing yourself in the world of Kingdom Hearts. If you ever get the chance, at least think about giving it a shot. Of course, if you don't want to, that's perfectly okay too.
    I always thought 3 was enough. You don't really need many more team slots anyway, but I guess if someone prefers having a lot of options it would be a bit disappointing for them (in comparison to the other games anyway).

    I know, I've already seen it. That's why I mentioned it. Thing is, from what I can tell, you haven't even given KH a try yet. A lot of the things you love about FF are also in the KH games; the music, art style, combat mechanics, compelling story, etc. I think you should at least give it a chance before you dismiss the game. You might end up enjoying it more than you think once you actually start playing it.
    We'll just have to wait for more info about the game to be confirmed. I would say keep an open mind and give it a chance. Games that you think you might not be interested in at all can end up being some of the most memorable and enjoyable once you actually give them a shot. I am sure you can relate to that; you have some great tastes in games! Now you just need to try Kingdom Hearts
    I am sure there'll be a PC port for it eventually. Maybe you'll end up liking it if you try the remake. You never know.
    I see. Then maybe playing with a friend again will help you get out of the rut once more. Or wait 'till Z.

    Also, I know VI is your favorite, but you must be at least a bit excited for the FFVII remake right?
    Ah I can understand that. I went through that phase a few months ago as well. It got so bad I almost considered quitting. But after playing other games for a while and thinking things over (and through a few OSTs), I eventually found myself immersed back into the Pokemon world. Honestly it happens to most, if not all, Pokemon fans at some point. Perhaps you'll feel like playing again once a new game/generation is announced.
    Aw you consider me a friend? I'm flattered :'3

    You know what's a good way to cure boredom though? A battle! What do you say~?
    I'm available for the next ~2ish hours. And after I wondertrade on Bulbatrade, use Crow as a carrier Pigeon if you'd like to get me online faster. :p
    You sure have some luck, you won one of the three Hoopas! Let me know when you can trade for it. :)
    Eh I got nothing else to do, so might as well chat with people right?
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